Leclerc, DHL… Retail and logistics always on the lookout for talent

A Gojob Employment Initiative will be held from 28 to 30 October 2020. It takes place with more than 300 positions to be filled in the retail and logistics sector. The aim is to effectively recruit new talent in the Bordeaux region. It is based on an innovative recruitment method, having already proven itself in the field.

Large distribution, logistics, transport recruit in New Aquitaine

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many sectors have struggled to return to normal activity. Among them,the event,the catering or even the hotel. Indeed, in view of the health restrictions and the implementation of curfews in most of France’s major cities, these sectors are the first to suffer and their activity is either reduced or shut down. Thus, despite a partial resumption of professional events, the event event experienced an 80% drop in turnover (1). This can be explained in particular by digital technology.

Nevertheless, other sectors of the business continue to recruit despite the somewhat pecover context. Retail, logistics and transport are among the sectors looking for new employees, thanks in particular to the rise of e-commerce. To meet this demand, the interim agency Gojob organizes 3 days of recruitment sessions in New Aquitaine. An event for positions such as order preparers, handlers or carists (2). The aim is to recruit effectively, by meeting many profiles, as part of job datings. More than 300 positions are available for Leclerc, DHL and ALDI.

Free Enterprise Office
Recruitment at the Gojob event aims to breathe new life into business and the economy.

Reinventing recruitment through proximity

Interim agencies are becoming increasingly digital and entering the digital age, where market flexibility is important. This dematerialization allows easy access and a foolproof reactivity. However, the 100% digitalised gojob agency has set up physical recruitment sessions, with the aim of presenting the agency’s concept. The meeting between job seekers and businesses takes place on a bus in the colours of the agency. The latter travels directly to the premises of the signs. Several temporary agencies have set up “employment buses” in order to create an effective local recruitment, criss-crossing France in search of the most consistent profiles of the positions sought.

In a context where social distance is promoted, the recruitment sector nevertheless remains a human sector, where physical interaction is important. Thus, putting the human factor at the heart of the recruitment process seems to be necessary, with of course respect for the obligatory barrier gestures. The Gojob concept therefore brings job seekers closer together and sectors that lack employees. This allows us to participate in the gradual recovery of the economy, while keeping a personalized digital support for each “Gojobbeurs”.


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