Paris Open Source Summit, an innovation event

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On December 6 and 7, 2017, BORDEAUX Business took to the capital to attend the Paris Open Source Summit. Also held was the 2nd Legal Tech Village, in Aubervilliers, in the buildings of the Pullman Docks.

Organized jointly by Open Law and the Village of Justice, this 100% Legal Tech event offered technologies firmly applied to the Law. On site, the presence of many companies on the stands. But also the organization of workshops and conferences, in the Framework of the Open Source Summit in Paris. With more than 100 speakers and 38 exhibitors, the 2nd Village of Legal Tech was represented by professionals from all over France, who came to meet visitors. Among the big names present, Natixis, Hercules, Open Law, or Wolters Kluwer.

Throughout the two days, visitors were able to take part in conferences, keynotes, pitches and workshops. The Juriconnexion was also held, which tackles many issues relating to theses and academic dissertations throughout the day.

Open Innovation, Collaborative and Business

The Paris Open Source was geared towards sharing and feedback from companies that have adopted open source software. With an equally large number of participants, exhibitors and speakers, this event featured the Open Source. The event was also an opportunity to highlight Africa’s digital transition. There, open source plays a major role, with the presence of entrepreneurs from Côte d’Ivoire or Senegal.

Among the speakers, Godefroy de Bentzmann, president of Syntec Digital, Bernard Duverneuil, president of Cigref, or Jérôme Gruber, director of digital at the French Development Agency, participated in the roundtables organized around the issues that represent open source software for companies.

The 2017 edition of the Paris Open Source Summit is about 200 conferences, in French or English. There are also thousands of visitors who have come to talk about European policies. Also on the agenda is a more technical approach to native language, frameworks and applications.

A growing market to tame

With an average annual growth of 8.1%, the French open source software market still has a bright future ahead of it. Considered the European leader, it alone owns 23% of the European market, according to a study conducted by InfoDSI and Pac France, unveiled at the event.

The President of the 2nd edition of OSS Paris, Pierre Baudracco, director of Blue Mind, an innovative open source collaborative messaging service, stresses the desire to maintain the qualitative continuity of conferences and exchanges compared to the first edition. A gamble that seems to be successful.

Innovating, thanks to open source and legal tech, a major challenge that requires the right tools, a solid project, and good support.

Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business


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