Metropolitan Summer – a cultural season for a rhythmic summer

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During the summer, in the centre of Bordeaux, the Metropolitan Summer takes place. A highly anticipated event since 2012, the Metropolitan Summer has reached nearly 200,000 people. For its eighth and new edition, the theme highlighted by the event is freedom, with an influence focused on philosophy and its actors, thus being part of that of the Enlightenment. Thus, culture will once again be at the heart of this dynamic and economically active city that is Bordeaux.


Exhibition Cité du Vin Bordeaux


An event inviting its audience to travel


While the last edition, which took place in 2017, had the theme of landscapes and territories, this year, Bordeaux puts the spotlight on the scene of its Metropolitan Summer Freedom. A subject that affects every citizen from near or far. Where does it start? Where does it stop? Through more than 100 events, Bordeaux wants to invite to think freedom, by taking an interest in art. A part of culture rooted in our history for centuries.

A true philosophy subject, Liberty invites citizens to reflect on what it is. For this reason, Bordeaux and its metropolis invite, from 20 June 2019 to 31 August 2019, to discover many cultural events. The goal for the city is to invite its audience to travel, to be interested in art and what it means for their culture.

The major event of the Bordeaux summer 2019 will start with the Festival of the River, showcasing the most beautiful sailboats in the world in front of an audience that will be gathered to celebrate the water. It will end with an equestrian show, Ex Anima, to which spectators will be invited to see at the Zingaro Theatre. For two months, visitors will be able to discover numerous exhibitions, animations, shows and concerts. To extend art to the widest possible audience, The Metropolitan Summer is determined to call on new partnerships with neighbouring municipalities, while 25 of them had responded during the previous edition in 2018.

This year, the Metropolitan Summer wants to highlight the landscape and built heritage of the city through numerous artistic projects, built with municipalities, inhabitants, associations, cultural operators and local structures.

In addition, to put more emphasis on art and what it means for humanity, the Louvre Museum will lend 45 works to the Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, in order to highlight these through a new partnership that will begin on June 20th.


Pierre Bridge monument Bordeaux


Culture, a factor in the Bordeaux economy


The 2018 edition allowed nearly 200,000 people to discover the event and enjoy no less than 200 events. In order for this major project to take place, the Metropolitan Summer had been granted assistance of about 330,000 euros paid by Bordeaux Métropole in order to help the establishment of the event. This support will be renewed for the summer event in 2019, and in order to offer the public a wide range of activities through new programming

Located at an economic, social, professional and cultural crossroads, the Metropolitan Summer is one of the most anticipated events in Bordeaux. This edition will be one of the key factors in making the city live economically and especially in a context where Bordeaux gives priority to their jobs. Because many Bordeaux people don’t take the time to go to the museum, or enjoy what the city has to offer culturally. Thus Bordeaux invites the 780,000 inhabitants to join this event, in order to bring to life the city which today is in constant work, due to numerous developments of neighborhoods like Brazza, Paludates or the Basins in Flots.

However, the locals and tourists participating in the dynamism of Bordeaux are at its heart, and make Bordeaux a culturally rich city. Every year, cultural events multiply. For example, Bordeaux and tourists alike will be able to attend the summer sale, which will take place from 17 to 20 July 2019, or at the Bordeaux Open Air, a Sunday music festival held throughout the summer at the Jardin Public, where between 3,000 and 10,000 people meet every week.


For this new edition of the Metropolitan Summer, Bordeaux offers a rich cultural season with many events aimed at bringing the city to life culturally speaking. On the other hand, if the economy is a real part of Bordeaux’s dynamism, culture is just as important and allows Bordeaux to experience a real pleasant living environment, which makes the city a good place to live. Therefore, Bordeaux must not only be an economic and professional crossroads, but a real cultural opportunity where events multiply.





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