German hotel industry sees Bordeaux in Grand Screen format

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Updated on 22 October 2020
Bordeaux Euratlantique is still attracting local and European investors, while glass, wood and iron buildings are gradually populating this district, which has quickly become a business district. It is now the turn of the German hotel industry to take an interest in Bordeaux, which is expanding.

Bordeaux Euratlantique, resolutely European

Recently, the German group Meininger announced that it will open a large Bordeaux hotel by 2020 (1). The signature is official, with the Bordeaux investor Jean-Christian SAGASPE, for a 162-room establishment, in the immediate vicinity of the Gare-Saint-Jean, designed by Patrick AROTCHAREN, a Bayonese architect. A building of more than 5500 m2, in modern style, welcoming on the ground floor hall, lounge, reception area, bar and breakfast room, as well as the games room. The interior will therefore be completely redesigned, while the current facades will be preserved, with a concern for authenticity.

We are deploying our expansion strategy in the right direction, notably by signing a new agreement in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is one of the main cities in France and was voted “Best European Destination” in 2015. This historic city is not only famous for red wine,
but also as a vibrant city.

Hannes Spanring, Managing Director of MEININGER Hotels.

An expansion strategy driven by an international vision, open to all targets

An expansion strategy accompanied in Bordeaux by the law firm LPA and the firm SIMON. Meininger has in DNA a bespoke and affordable hotel, open to all, present internationally. From the economic rooms to the private suites, the Group has made itself known has its benefits. Indeed il offers quality furnishings and a large Comfort. The selection of the location of each of the seventeen European hotels operated by this subsidiary of Holidaybreak Ltd, is one of the secrets of its success, beyond offering products that meet a wide range of customers, business travelers, families, class trip to dormitory or solitary tourist…

Located in the heart of the Bordeaux Euratlantique district, the hotel can thus enhance its immediate proximity to the means of transport, the centre-vile, the quays… A “first try” that augurs nearly twenty new locations in Berlin, Geneva, Lyon, Paris, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Milan, Munich, St. Petersburg or Zurich… Resolutely ambitious growth that should continue to develop in France with Marseille, Toulouse, Strasbourg or Lille (2).

modern design hall hotel
The lobby of a luxury hotel

Bordeaux and the expansion of the hotel industry

Large-scale projects, therefore, in order to respond to the large influx of travellers but also newcomers, and the flows between the French cities expected. Since the beginning of the year, there have been no less than twenty new projects and the opening of hotels in Bordeaux. Beyond a very real and expected economic impact “with joy”, the stakes are considerable for Bordeaux Metropole in order to guarantee a good readability of the related infrastructures: public transport, equipment… A cohabitation that can sometimes be a source of tension, and promises to be the great challenge of Bordeaux for years to come: that economic development inspires a social development that is reasoned and beneficial to all.

2020, a difficult year for the hotel industry

2020 will definitely be a difficult year for tourism players. Indeed, following the COVID-19 the latter, as well as the hotel sector, found themselves amputated from foreign clientele. This client is often more spendthrift than the national clientele his absence has been felt. For example, the New Aquitaine region saw a 13% decrease in attendance compared to 2019 and tourists are opting for new trends such as “on the road” tourism (3).

As a result, the tourist office of the city of Bordeaux took stock at the beginning of September. Not as dramatic as expected, the results are still unattractive especially for hotels. According to Olivier Occelli, director general of the tourist office, between May and June they were occupied at 25% and in July they were occupied by half (4). These figures are well below the usual occupancy rates for these periods. While some hoteliers took advantage of this period to carry out renovations others sold the price of their rooms to attract tourists. But it will be said that this situation leaves uncertainty about the hotel sector, which is operating in slow motion and which is reducing the implementation of new projects for the time being.

Alexandra Zwang – Bordeaux Business



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Illustrations reproduced from the official website

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