Lidl, buyer of 10% of Bordeaux wines

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The German Hard Discount brand Lidl is well known in France. It offers mostly food products at broken prices. It also offers spirits, including wines. The most popular? Bordeaux wines, known all over the world for their quality!

In Belgium, the e-com websiteMerce of the brand offers a wide selection of wines, about 700 different references at all prices. The discounter announced that in the shop, only 30% of all its products were offered, knowing the rise of internet shopping. It wants to be more active on the sale of wines, because it is a very appreciated product for all occasions: to offer, to accompany a good meal … Red, rosé, white, they match all dishes.

Lidl orders no less than 60 million bottles of Bordeaux wine… which represents 10% of total production! At this summer’s wine fair, the brand offered great wines such as Château d’Yquem bottles, Dom Pérignon vintage, or a good Saint-Emilion… big names that do not stick to the “discount” image of the German group, with a price between 130 and 200 euros a bottle. This is the will of the latter, which wants to detach itself from the image of low-cost products, and attract a more affluent clientele in its stores or on its e-commerce site. Outside of wine fairs, wines from all over the world range from 1.99 to 99.99.

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