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Updated on 11 August 2020

Tuesday, July 11, to best welcome summer, the Intercontinental Bordeaux – The Grand Hotel privatized its terraces during a “Garden Party” on a basin air. The opportunity to taste delicious Arcachon oysters with a glass of water from the local source of the Abatilles. In addition, the whole thing offers a stunning view of the Grand Theatre… An iodine oxygen bubble in the heart of the Bordeaux hypercentre. Sun, colorful rose petals, ambient music and small ovens were at the rendezvous!

A high-end hotel in the heart of Bordeaux

The building of the “Grand Hotel” was built in 1789 by Victor Louis. Indeed, he is an architect renowned in particular for his creation of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. The hotel itself was opened 10 years ago, in a traditional 18th century French style that is popular with guests. Celine Dion recently stayed there when she came to Bordeaux for her concert at the Matmut Atlantique stadium. Each room has its own decoration. Always with this “French” and theatrical touch, in reference to the Grand Theatre that faces it. From the classic rooms to the Royal Suite (with an area of 140 m2, with its private terrace of 100m2), every decorative detail has been carefully designed by the French designer Jacques Garcia. The goal is to make each guest’s stay as pleasant as possible, from the entrance to the rooms and suites, to the layout of the bathroom.

This is a high-end hotel, with services that are no less so. A 1000m2 spa with a decoration totally inspired by antiquity. It offers quality care in partnership with the Nuxe brand. A moment of total relaxation. But also the gastronomic restaurant “Le Pressoir d’Argent” (2 stars), as well as the Brasserie Le Bordeaux. All under the aegis of Gordon Ramsay, the world chef who is no longer presented.

The roof of the hotel, titled “Night Beach”, includes two terraces. One private, adjoining the Royal Suite, and the other, at 360 degrees, which welcomes guests and people outside the Hotel. It is accompanied by a catering service and a bar. Both terraces can be privatized for events, such as business meetings, theme nights, or partnerships.

Garden Party, the summer event of the Intercontinental Hotel

The Garden Party is the summer event of the Intercontinental Bordeaux – The Grand Hotel that allows you to gain height, to escape on the Arcachon Basin. While keeping his feet on the Bordeaux lands. All this, with a light and vaporous atmosphere, in the heart of the city centre. The view is simply beautiful and soothing, paying homage to Bordeaux architecture. At this Tuesday’s Garden Party, an impromptu mini-golf trail, a duck fishing “deluxe version” with sumptuous gifts. Access to the spa, or a meal offered in the heart of the hotel, adjoined the moments of relaxation offered by Galeries Lafayette. The hotel staff, professional and smiling, supported the reputation of the place.

The Terrace usually opens at the end of April and closes at the end of September, or even mid-October if the mild weather allows. In the summer, enjoy a timeless time at lunch, between 12pm and 2.30pm. A specific menuhas been developed with the colours and flavours of summer, with this little touch of know-how specific to the big names in gastronomy, as desired by Chef Alexandre Thiebaut.

The lunch menu is in the same spirit, fruity and effective. At your events, you can also enjoy the special event card,prepared by Chef Gordon Ramsay himself, with proposals accessible to all, for all budgets. The menu offers seasonal dishes, with a careful and gourmet dressing, where the emphasis is on the quality of the product. Of course, with a controlled and fresh seasoning. Enough to wake all the taste buds from the first bite!

Luxury hotels at the heart of Bordeaux business issues

During the Garden Party, Elodie Buquet, Marketing Manager at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental, introduces us to these exceptional places in the heart of Bordeaux. Faced with an increasing clientele, all year round, in love with both french architecture and gastronomy, the Grand Hotel does not deplete. Bordeaux becomes the destination par excellence, and not just a “step” for tourists going back to the capital. The Intercontinental Hotel attracts and seduces guests and tourists who enjoy the scenery and beauty of the place. It is a cocoon of relaxation, luxury in the heart of the city. Along with the castles, the Grand Hotel’s restaurants offer their guests a wide range of wines. The promise of an escape to the heart of Bordeaux, in red, white, or rosé.

Beyond the influx of customers, at world shows such as Vinexpo, success is well on the way thanks to a attentive team, smiling and polyglot, and an ideal setting in the heart of Bordeaux, in the Golden Triangle…

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