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Updated on 23 September 2020

The “Vivons” Salon offers solutions to individuals to make their projects a reality, whether for the home, sports, the automobile, camping caring or art. Thus the “Vivons Maison” lounge has become the go-to meeting place for design and decorative objects. It also has larger facilities for the home or its exteriors. Having been held for several years at the Bordeaux Exhibition Park, it welcomes more than 300 experts in this field. They come to exhibit and present their creations and the products they offer to the general public. There is a choice to satisfy all tastes and interiors. So the show presents the trends to come for the home. Indeed, we note that in recent years, design decoration has been developing and democratizing, especially in a local context, with designers especially New Aquitaines. (1)

The “Let’s Live Home” lounge decodes new decoration trends for individuals

The last “Let’s Live House” show, which took place from October 31 to November 4, 2018, was no exception. Indeed during this show it is not only a matter of layout or interior decoration. Architects also took part in exhibition 308 to answer clients’ most common questions. They were able to provide answers with sketches or more technical explanations. A marathon of architecture also allowed visitors to discover a dozen projects pitched in a few minutes. The goal? To be known by visitors but also to present its expertise and ideas.

There have also been recent new construction trends. Indeed, wood is beginning to make a prominent place in construction in Bordeaux and in the region. This trend follows in particular the announcement of the construction ofHyperion and Silva.

These are two large wooden towers that will take place in the District Bordeaux Euratlantique

, or Woodrise

, the World Congress, which highlights medium and large timber constructions. The “Let’s Live Wood” section thus joins the exhibition space, including the holding of conferences and roundtables to promote the use of wood in local construction…

More and more, the interiors are changing… Houses with “Swedish kit” style decoration leave some room for a more personal and sought-after decoration. Consumers now want quality items and furniture. Vivons Bois is undoubtedly the Salon made to feel at home “tailor-made”!

An online space to make decoration accessible to all

This lounge also offers an e-shop and shop space. The goal is to make design accessible to everyone with just a few clicks. It’s time to part with the vision of concept stores where it was necessary to search for hours to find original creations. Today, the design wants to be more accessible and at more affordable prices, while favouring the local. In addition, during the show, visitors will also be able to benefit from personalized advice and interviews with experts to be guided to the best layout solutions.

During the show, we find experts such as Alliance Pools, Du Côté de Chez Soi or 270 Degrees, a local designer. The latter are also present in line with an e-shop that showcases local designers present on the Atlantic façade. So they will present their concept but also the creators they exhibit to discover the latest products. Indeed, created in 2015, the company 270 Degrees (2) has developed well and launched its blog COMPAS. It presents the latest designers as well as the trends offered by the shop. A link that allows to present in more detail all the wealth of Atlantic creators, from the Basque Coast to the Breton tip… for prices of all levels, from 50 to 4,000 euros.

Let’s Live House leaves its place at cocoon lounge

In 2019 the “Let’s Live House” show did not take place and was replaced by a new event around the house, decoration and art. The Cocoon show is therefore taking over and wants to be more innovative than its predecessor. Indeed, it was born out of the desire to break the codes of the salons by offering a more human and more immersive experience. It took several questions from visitors, exhibitors, professionals and the general public to identify the new motivations of each. So the goal is to add friendliness, sharing and meetings while meeting the needs of different targets.

The first edition of the Cocoon Show, which took place from 8 to 11 November, was a great success. More than 26,660 people visited the site to exchange projects around the house. It was an opportunity to meet the 200 exhibitors who came to discover their product and their knowledge. It was also an opportunity to experiment with new techniques for the home through the 22 “do it yourself” workshops. The show’s flagship workshop is undoubtedly that of Leroy Merlin who, very quickly complete, could not satisfy all visitors.

Thus, we see that the world of the house and its trends are changing very rapidly. It is a question of fashion but also a question of perception of supply. Trade shows and professionals need to adapt. Indeed, there are changes in the habits of consumers who develop new needs. They need to be to feel immersed in order to be able to project themselves in their projects as shown by the Cocoon show. In addition, the new trend of do it yourself seems to be shaking up the codes for home improvement. A new way of consuming that seems important to follow …

Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business


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(2) 270 Degrees

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