Luxury leather goods: The love of beautiful things and handmade in Bordeaux

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Updated on October 7, 2020. During the holiday season, leather goods, high tech, jewelry, compete creatively to establish themselves as “the” gift carrying meaning. The end of the year is conducive to the search for gifts that have a soul, personalized, artisanal … In this sense, Les Ateliers DE GRIMM, installed in the Grand Men, revisit the love of the hand made in French.

DE GRIMM, history and passion for art, at the heart of luxury leather goods

The Iris trotter bag, for example, is one of the brand’s flagship creations. Indeed, it is a symbol of this elegance and simplicity asserted. Combining both tradition and modern colors, this 100% Bordeaux handbag reflects grimm’s meticulousness. Above all, this creation of the companion of duty in leather goods, Olivier Massip, carries a taste for work that has been well-cultivated for four generations. A mark of art, love and passion, initiated by Marguerite Massip in 1945, in Bordeaux.

As well, for the family brand, it is an opportunity to recall its values of authenticity, quality, passion and attachment to the Bordeaux territory. Attached to the sobriety of its creations, the brand is distinguished by the chic, modern and high-end touch in the choice of materials and colors. In addition, for generations, it has carried out the know-how of family workshops and French luxury. Strong positioning, his master craftsman Olivier Massip, having made his weapons in the greatest houses of the milieu (Hermès, J.M. Weston and Charles Jourdan).

Established from the beginning, in 1945 in Bordeaux, the workshopswere set up in the Gallery of the Great Men in 1991, emblematic place of the Bordeaux centre. The historic choice of Bordeaux, originally motivated only by the family’s attachment to the city, now proves to be an exceptional opportunity.

Hermès, a symbol of luxury leather goods, has set up its workshops 20 kilometres from Bordeaux.

Luxury leather goods takes its Bordeaux feel

Within the Bordeaux economy, the luxury sector, and in particular luxury leather goods, is on the rise. However, this dynamism has not escaped therandes houses. RAt the same time, Hermès has announced the installation of a workshop 20km from Bordeaux, within the metropolis. The activity will be such that it is announced the creation of 250 positions. HasBeyond this workshop, the brand is propose its own formationsto craftsmen.

Indeed, for Hermès, Bordeaux quickly established itself as a prime location. An ideal living environment for its teams, remarkable tourist dynamism, economic development revealing its potential .. . But also, the ease of access due to the road, rail and air routes fromBordeaux to the capital, as well as internationally.

From Bordeaux to Asia, a taste for success and creativity

In addition to the Bordeaux market, luxury leather goods in Bordeaux also appeals abroad. Inparticular, the well-to-do customers, rediscover the exceptional creations qui have made The fame of French luxury. POur Hermes, Asia accounts for no less than 50% of the brand’s turnover, or 5.2 billion euros in 2016. Thus,a llier the tourist attraction of the Bordeaux region to the passion for French luxury appeared as awise c hoix.

Other brands will have been able to appreciate the potential of luxury leather goods in Bordeaux. Hasinsi, as evidenced by the young brand Ephté. Created less than 20 years ago on Bordeaux, elle brings the leather trunks of the 1930s back to life. It also makes cases for individuals as well as for major brands.


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