MEDEF Intercontinental Bordeaux Luncheon – The Grand Hotel

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On September 26th, we were very pleased to attend the Business Meeting luncheon organized by medef Gironde in the Intercontinental Bordeaux -the Grand Hotel. In addition to enjoying a friendly atmosphere in a beautiful setting, the purpose of this Luncheon Meeting was to promote business meetings between the main players of medef Gironde.

Bordeaux trade - BORDEAUX company

Nearly 80 executives and managers were present for this lunch organized in “two rounds”, that is to say with a change of table before dessert, for other professional exchanges.

After a first speech by Thomas Bourdois, recently appointed Managing Director of the Intercontinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel, it was the turn of Sandrine Vimes, Industrial Property Council and Head of Bordeaux’s Brands department at the Plasseraud cabinet, to speak to thank all the participants and recall the involvement of MEDEF Gironde in the Bordeaux economy.

Within our table, we had the pleasure of meeting, among the participants: Frédéric Cauchois (Director General of the Bordeaux University Foundation), Grégory Caulliez (Business Developer at Primobox), Justine Commeny (Business Relations Officer at EPSI-WIS), François De Laage de Meux (Director of region FIDAL Law Firms), Pierre Destandeau (Director of Agence Securitas France), Olivier Lancou (Head of Commercial Maxime Marie (Co-Manager Pro Feel Concept), Corinne Petton (COMM Director).

A big thank you to the whole organizing team and the delicious meal served by the Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel!

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