Maciflore on the assault of Bordeaux real estate

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Maciflore is committed to bordeaux for the rehabilitation of urban real estate. Founded in 2012, the company carries out its first operations in the heart of the city of Bordeaux. The rehabilitation allows to renovate an existing property, without distorting the character with the façade, and modernize the interior. Indeed, these are all solutions that allow to evolve a building abandoned to a modernized living or working space, more in tune with the challenges of today’s real estate. An issue that Maciflore takes with his heart, and which encourages him to settle even outside Bordeaux (1).

Benefits for buyers, an issue for Maciflore

For buyers, investing in rehabilitated housing has several advantages. Indeed, by investing in a property renovating, the buyer benefits from specific tax advantages related to the renovation… Such as the land deficit or other devices such as the Malraux Act, Pinel Rehabilitated, Pinel Transformed or LMNP (Unfeeded Furniture Lease). Thus, Maciflore, like other groups, give a second life to disused buildings. A promising sector: the group generated sales of 18 million euros in 2020. And its growth does not intend to stop there, with growth expected to be 30 million euros by the end of 2021. And for good reason, Maciflore is partnering with the Provident Pavilion Group to support its skills in a more structured environment.

Renovation work
Rehabilitation allows you to live in a new dwelling with the cachet of the old.

Thus, thanks to this partnership, Maciflore can project itself in the realization of major projects, such as the rehabilitation of buildings of 800 to 1000 m2. The next projects are in Bordeaux and in the south of the New Aquitaine region, a total of 20 projects. Two are expected to be completed as early as 2021. Maciflore’s growing ambition closely follows the desires of French cities to energize their hearts by renovating buildings to give a new lease of life to neighbourhoods. For example, the renovation of Port Boinot is changing the face of the city centre of Niort. As a result, Maciflore hopes to be able to collaborate with the cities of each department of the Neo-Aquitaine region for the rehabilitation of buildings. The conduct of human-scale projects is one of the company’s objectives, well accompanied by a whole group of experts.

Real estate is changing and modernizing cities

Maciflore draws on the expertise of many professionals who gravitate around the real estate sphere. Consulting architects, integrated design offices, but also demanding partners who follow the company in its projects. This rigorous work allows us to change the face of a city, but also to be part of a more eco-responsible approach. Indeed, during the renovation of an old building, the rehabilitation company has every opportunity to evolve the layout, and to favor the creation of green spaces. Thus, the use of renewable energies, glass spaces to take advantage of natural light allow to take a step towards a more responsible operation. Human-sized projects that provide a new real estate offer to residents and businesses. This concept appeals, because the investment in a renovated housing is also a guarantee of having “new”.

Maciflore, strengthened by its association with the Provident Pavilion Group, has many ambitions for the future. Thus, it wants to place itself as close as possible to the municipalities to enable new projects to be carried out, to develop their hearts and to energize them. A way to revive buildings without altering their history and character. In short, a refurbishment that future investors like, to mix old and new, and which they will take care of.


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