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At this complicated time for the economy, companies are looking to maintain their business. With Digital, tools and strategies are possible. Moreover, they are not valid only in times of crisis. They allow a company to be maintained in all circumstances. It is therefore interesting to take an interest in anticipating the risks and not putting all your eggs in one basket. Today, after six weeks of slowing down, the concerns of the leaders are growing. Indeed, since 23 March, the free green number 0800 942 564 set up by judicial administrators and judicial agents has received more than 2,700 calls from business leaders. Hotel and restaurant, retail, services to people, construction… all sectors are affected. More than half of the questions relate to financing and cash flow difficulties.

This green number also confirms that the vast majority of callers are self-employed and TPE leaders. However, many of these companies are hard hit by the crisis and can count on Digital to cushion the fall. Thus, digital tools are available to companies of all sizes to help them maintain their business in all circumstances.

Telework tools to maintain activity

With containment, telework has become a reality for most companies that are able to adopt it. Set up backwards, it suffered from a rather negative image or at least from the distrust of the leaders. While it is not ideal when improvised, the home office also has unsuspected advantages.

So today, opinions are changing about him. Indeed, telework has helped to protect many companies from shutdown and partial unemployment. Where business leaders were concerned about the investment and seriousness of the teams, employees generally demonstrated their goodwill.

Moreover, telework does not sound the death knell for teamwork and meetings. In reality, high-performance tools help to maintain these moments of professional life. Almost like we’re there. To contribute to the collective effort, some solutions even offer their services for free. This is the case, for example, with Aircall, “a flexible cloud telephony solution connected to business tools”. Compatible with more than 50 CRM software, it adapts to a large number of structures. It also provides features for collaborative work or call transfer. Other tools such as Hangout Meet or Slack make it possible to work effectively between colleagues.

Beyond the company’s strict internal framework, these solutions are also usable to converse with your customers. For example, it is possible to provide videoconferencing counselling services. For example, a number of remote service services can help maintain a business at a lower cost.

In the same tone, webinar (online seminars) allow to maintain contact with its prospects by providing them expertise and support on their current problems.

Delivery and Post-Covid Click and Collect

Particularly affected by the closure of the outlets, restaurateurs in particular can count on Digital to continue their activity. In the city in particular, with apps such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, they can continue to serve meals for delivery. In the current situation, arrangements have been made to carry out these contactless deliveries.

Beyond these third-party tools, restaurateurs can consider a click and collect system. This system is also valid for any company marketing products. Customers can order online via the website and pick up their purchase at the store. Failing to maintain the jobs of all employees, this solution has the advantage of continuing to run the company and bringing in money. In addition, such a system also offers the possibility of managing flows. There are niches to be set up to recover purchases. It also facilitates inventory management and order preparation.

In this context, digital therefore partially remedy the closure of the point of sale. In reality, this solution is relevant even in the everyday life of society. Indeed, it offers more choices as to how to buy, which customers are looking for. It also adds to in-store sales, the online sales that some buyers would have spent elsewhere.

Communicating and prospecting, the tools to keep in touch and maintain economic activity

In addition to the strict framework of the sale, the maintenance of the activity requires the establishment of channels to keep in touch with its customers. Indeed, it is essential for a company to remain reachable. Just as it is important to continue to communicate with your targets. The whole thing is to stay in line with the expectations of its consumers depending on the situation.

For example, a company can set up a telephone hotline for customer support or the SERVICE. Here too, original digital solutions have emerged. The company may indeed choose to dedicate part of its teams to the telephone standard. Otherwise, external solutions are available. This is the case, for example, with the iAdvize solution, which asks expert members of a community to answer customer questions. A low-cost solution that the biggest brands have already seized, but also accessible to smaller companies.

Less direct, writing articles is also a way to show its presence, to seize topics that concern its customers or to work its referencing online. All these actions serve as branding and prospecting, especially in long conversion cycles. In addition, combined with the sending of newsletters and a commercial offer, they allow you to offer a “selfless” speech to your customers. A benevolent approach that is often well received.

Whether a company chooses to use isolated tools or design a real digital strategy, the solutions available can really keep an business going at any time. From the simple extension of physical activity to a true virtual duplication of a company, Digital has no limit but imagination.


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