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Mama-Lab: Women’s Entrepreneurship

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Mama-Lab is a digital ecosystem serving moms who want to develop their own business. The aim is to make their entrepreneurial approach simpler, allowing them to combine work and personal life. Thus, through various services, the start-up provides future entrepreneurs with tools and services to accompany them. In addition, the entrepreneurial approach is necessary to the attractiveness of a region. It is for this reason that the New Aquitaine region is setting up various aids, calls for projects and other grants, in order to help and support the actors.

Mama-Lab, the start-up for business creation

Recently created in the Bordeaux region, the start-up Mama-Lab was launched by Amélie Huguet and Cécile Roitg. Former colleagues who have become friends and entrepreneurs, they share the same concept of business. Their skills combine perfectly, bringing together consulting, strategy, global communication, the web and digital.

With the aim of supporting entrepreneurial mothers, Mama-Lab supports them in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Linking passion and profession but also professional and personal life, here is the goal of the start-up.

mama lab start up bordeaux accompaniment
Amélie Huguet and Cécile Roitg, co-founders of the start-up Mama-Lab.

The Mama-Lab ecosystem aims to connect women entrepreneurs to share their experiences. Thus, through their careers, their goals, their skills, it creates a real entrepreneurial dynamic. It is also intended to reassure you what to do when you want to become an entrepreneur.

Thus, the Mama-Lab entrepreneurial ecosystem creates added value for entrepreneurial moms. Indeed, a number of services are available to “entrepreneurs”. First, a community where each entrepreneur can interact with others, sharing their experiences, advice and support. Then, a marketplace allows them to test the attractiveness of their offers, while offering them additional visibility. In addition, “entrepreneurial mothers” also have the opportunity to participate in training. Scheduled for March 2021, it will be aimed at future entrepreneurial mothers with the will to create their business, while being accompanied.

The entrepreneurial approach in New Aquitaine, a source of growth

The New Aquitaine region is one of the most attractive regions in France. Thus, about 50,000 businesses created each year in the region. To maintain this place, the region provides future entrepreneurs with a number of tools and devices.

This is particularly the case for small and medium-sized enterprises and crafts, which are creating jobs and dynamism for the region. Thus, thanks to the “Entreprenndre, the Region at your side” scheme, entrepreneurs are accompanied and helped to complete the creation of their TPE.

This is also the case for start-up creations. On the same principle as Mama-Lab, the region implements various aid schemes such as Start-up Feasibility, Start-up Expertise, Start-up Pass, Innovation Start-up… Thus, these devices allow to support financially and strategically start-up projects, from incubation to deployment.

Future entrepreneurs often rely on the expertise of organizations to embark on their entrepreneurial project. Thus, the Agency for Development and Innovation (ADI) helps companies through its expertise and its network of public and private partners. She brings her knowledge and accompanies entrepreneurs in the realization of their projects. In addition, the economic development agency Invest in Bordeaux supports companies establishing themselves in the Bordeaux region.

Women’s entrepreneurship is also supported by the New Aquitaine region. Launched in October 2020, the programme is aimed at women entrepreneurs. Thus, it aimed to support women entrepreneurs between the age of 18 and 30, in the development of their business. Set up by the New Aquitaine region and Le Moovjee, this program aims to change entrepreneurship in women.


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