Hotel management, between booking monitoring and in-house organisation

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The management of a hotel is a daily activity for professionals, which requires responsiveness and organization. Throughout the year, especially in large cities or in highly touristy areas, hotels receive guests. In a tourist context, or in the context of business trips, they travel and choose the hotel as accommodation. To encourage bookings, in a context where everything must be accessible in seconds, digital solutions multiply. Booking platforms, hotel website or chain… these are all ways to book a room in just a few clicks.

The PMS, a must-have software solution for hotel management

Online bookings have been growing significantly for several years now. According to Statista, the turnover generated by booking an online trip reached 10.38 million euros in France. And this figure may well continue to grow in the years to come. COVID-19 leaves its mark on the year 2020, a factor in the cancellation of trips, especially of a foreign clientele who remained at home. For tourism professionals, and hoteliers, there are many solutions for hotel management. Travel comparators and OTAs are the most widely used solutions, especially when comparing prices. But for hoteliers, especially independents, registering on all platforms can become complicated. Especially in terms of booking management. For this, “PMS” software exists, so that professionals find a functional and effective solution.

PMS allows hotel professionals to have powerful software for the management of their establishment. As for example on this site, thecentralization of all bookings on a single software allows to avoid double bookings, and therefore overbooking. The allocation of rooms is also facilitated, allowing all employees of the establishment to be able to welcome guests in the best conditions. Online booking has become more common, and is practiced by 93% of Internet users who wish to go on holiday. This tool is then used in cities where tourism activity is important. This is particularly the case in Bordeaux, which has no less than 79 hotels, occupied throughout the year. For hotels, for example, software can be used to secure all customer data, among other things. These are all advantages that encourage independent institutions that do not have centralized solutions to use them.

The PMS, in the service of better in-house monitoring

The software not only streamlines and centralizes customer bookings, but also improves the in-house management of the facility. Indeed, a PMS that centralizes all the information transmitted by the different booking channels allows better follow-up. Especially since it is intended to be accessible to all, everywhere, with an internet connection. Thus, it is possible for all members of the team to see in real time the occupancy of the hotel. This allows for intervention in the cleaning of the rooms as soon as a guest leaves the hotel for more efficiency. In addition, this type of software has another purpose in the management of a hotel. It collects valuable information about customer profiles, and thus makes it more relevant to advertising campaigns.

On Bordeaux and the Arcachon Basin, many independent hotel professionals use software. They help them track bookings in real time, and make the customer experience easier. In fact, the latter is no longer sent back to several sites before making his reservation. A result-facilitating element, used in particular by Hôtel Point France,a 4-stock hotel located in Arcachon, a mecca for summer tourism…


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