Customer Relationship Management, New Perspectives for Businesses

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Digital transformation has a very real impact on business strategies. One of these concerns the CRM, that is, the management of the customer relationship in French. Its usefulness within the company is to optimize a company’s relationships and interactions with its prospects and customers in a loyalty process. According to Gartner, a U.S. advanced technology consulting and research firm, the CRM market is posting unprecedented scores: a 15.6% increase for 2018 compared to 2017. Customer relationship management software is even the most dynamic segment of the market. However, it is the responsibility of entrepreneurs to seize the CRM as an opportunity beyond the simple customer relationship management tool.

Customer Relationship Management, choosing a software solution

Customer Relationship Management, choosing a software solution
The role of customer relationship management within organizations did not really take on its former dimension until the 1980s in the United States. This was the time when the computerized customer database developed. The 1990s formalized the birth of CRM, its integration with companies mainly aimed at increasing the efficiency of sales forces. The last ten years have been marked by the arrival of the Cloud, a real big bang for the democratization of CRM strategies within companies. Thus, in the space of a few decades, the CRM market has undergone its transformation. Listening to these changes, Alain Mevellec and Frédéric Coulais founded In 2009 in La Rochelle, Sellsy, a software publisher specializing in customer relations. These two co-founders believed in the benefits of CRM software at a time when Software as a Service (SaaS) software, a cloud-based software distribution model, was booming in the United States. However, the comparison with the major American players of CRM, hear Customer Relationship Management, ends there. The company favours a less homogeneous approach based on the premise that the software solution can satisfy personalized customer demands. Indeed, the choice of a software solution can allow entrepreneurs to capitalize on several areas in a centralized way: CRM, billing software but also accounting.

In Customer Relationship Management, the choice of a software solution should therefore enable entrepreneurs to optimize every step of the business relationship, be it electronic signature, bank verification and accounting. The immediate impact is very important: to save time for the entrepreneur without getting into trouble. However, CRM is not a magic tool. Entrepreneurs need to be able to ask themselves the right questions: what goals can they achieve through the CRM? Or what actions to take into account to measure the company’s performance?

Sellsy: a development for local entrepreneurs

Investors in the New Aquitaine territory are interested in developing innovative activities that can help entrepreneurs manage their day-to-day operations. For example, in 2018, Sellsy raised 7 million euros in New Aquitaine, the largest fundraiser in the territory. The company now brings together a client portfolio of more than 4000 companies. A true engine of the economic ecosystem in Rock, Sellsy was ranked among the 100 most dynamic and successful companies in France and Europe by Les Echos and the Financial Times in 2017 and 2018. These initiatives respond to the desire to create an employer brand and a community of leaders and entrepreneurs by highlighting the human factor. In 2019, Selly has developed “The Beautiful History”, stories and podcasts that highlight the careers of entrepreneurs. If the goal is to create a partnership of trust with entrepreneurs, Sellsy also plays the card of proximity with the launch of the Sellsy Tour which organizes workshops in French metropolises. Building on this link with entrepreneurs, the sellsy events subsidiary also organizes the Annual French Startup Cup, a regatta of startups that is approaching its 5th edition in early September in La Rochelle.

CRM, in addition to the ability to digitalize a company’s customer relationship, offers many advantages in terms of performance and responsiveness. First, the entrepreneur benefits from a global vision of his prospects and customers, sales management is energized and performance indicators become more reliable. A significant tool to enhance the work of entrepreneurs.



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