MANITUDE, a new degree training “Manager of AFFAIRES”

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Manitude is a training and consulting firm that aims to support its clients to evolve, live change and be more efficient.

Manitude offers you to integrate his degree training “Business Manager” registered at the RNCP, giving you access to a level I diploma (Bac 5).

This training is aimed at all managers in charge of business development, agency managers, business managers, but also to a wider audience, such as business leaders, young entrepreneurs, creators and business owners. This training is intended for anyone who aims to manage a profit center and who will be required to perform three major functions: sales, recruitment and management of employees.

Business manager training can be funded through a number of schemes such as the CPF, the professionalisation contract or the Skills Development Plan. It is accessible to holders of a baccalaureate of 4/5, a bac with professional experience, but also by the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE). It takes place over 45 days (315 hours), spread over 9 weeks of training and delivered in Paris and Lyon, as well as in Bordeaux from November.

The aim of this training is to train business management professionals capable of designing tailor-made solutions for their clients. At the end of the training, future graduates will have acquired the skills to:

Ensure economic and technical monitoring on behalf of their clients and prepare a business exploration strategy to detect promising markets.

Build a business solution tailored to the needs of their customers.

Mastering negotiation techniques.

Develop a network and build a team.

Set up a resource recruitment organisation and manage their teams.

Identify the right managerial relays and develop a team through effective management.

Assess the financial situation of a profit centre and use tools to manage the activity.

Each promotion is sponsored by an executive of a consulting firm and the courses are taught by specialists in business, recruitment, management and strategy, who have practiced in the consulting community.

Manitude has chosen to confront its participants with kindness to convey the fundamentals through training through evolutionary simulation. Situations push the participant out of his comfort zone and work on his managerial posture. It is the repetition of the cycle “gesture, analysis of the result, decision and repetition” that will make it progress. Trainers enhance the quality of feedback with tailor-made debriefing, identify strengths, areas for improvement and propose a tailor-made action plan for each participant.

To join Manitude’s “Business Manager” diploma training is to choose efficiency and educational coherence!



MANITUDE press release

New admissions session: July 10-11, 2019



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