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Manitude is a training and consulting firm that aims to support clients to be more efficient.

Manitude offers you to integrate its certification training “Team Management”, registered at the CNCP and giving access to the “Certificate of Skills in Team Management”, which will take place in Bordeaux from 4 to 8 November 2019 and from 9 to 13 March 2020.

This training is aimed at future managers, beginner managers, experienced managers and business leaders. It is intended for professionals wishing to become more efficient in their managerial functions.

The objectives are:
Manage teams to develop individual skills and collective performance.
Driving and accompanying employees in changes through motivation.
Integrating different modes of interpersonal communication into team management.

The certification training “Team Management” can be financed through the CPF, combined with DIF hours. It does not require a prerequisite and is aimed at employees as well as job seekers, it takes place over 5 days (40 hours) and can be followed during working time or out of working time.

Confronting with benevolence to convey the fundamentals through training could sum up the pedagogy of Manitude. Each day, participants discuss different management themes encountered in companies, through case studies. The situational setting pushes the participant out of his comfort zone and he becomes aware of his managerial posture (know-how and know-how). If the awareness of error is a source of learning, progress is through evolutionary simulation, that is, as high-level athletes do, the repetition of the cycle “gesture, analysis of the result, decision and repetition”. Trainers enhance the quality of feedback with tailor-made debriefing, identify strengths, areas for improvement and propose a tailor-made action plan for each participant.

The sessions are composed of 5 to 12 participants and are led by consultants with strong field experience and having held management positions at various levels: sales manager, business unit director, general manager, director of training institute in international companies… Etc. During certification, participants must validate their achievements before an external jury usually composed of business leaders, agency directors, sales managers, HR.

At the end of this training, the participants will have acquired the skills to:
Build and develop leadership with teams in line with the company’s strategy.
Coaching and managing teams to optimize performance.
Adopt managerial posture through appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication.
Incorporate the different levers of motivation.
Adopt delegation methods based on context and teams.
Accompanying teams to change.
Accompanying teams to change


To follow and live the certification training “Team Management” led by Manitude is to choose efficiency and educational coherence to be quickly operational and efficient.


MANITUDE press release

Admission session: November 8 and 9, 2019

Olivier Colineau

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