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Updated on 01/10/2020

ManoMano, the leading French market place in DIY andgardening, comes to settle in Bordeaux hasnearly five years of growth in Paris. The regional capital of the new Aquitaine sees its digital policy transform the local fabric. This transformation will see the lightof daywith the talents present, the living environment and the structures in place. A number of elements that attract start-ups, but also confirmed companies. They now want to settle in a city, further away from Paris, the disadvantages less.

Potential to exploit in the heart of Bordeaux

ManoMano, created by Philippe De Chanville and Christian Raisson in 2013, benefited from a 60 million euro fundraiser in 2017 in addition to steady growth since its inception. Indeed, the French company now has 1600 merchants as well as 2 million customers. However, it is not only satisfied with the French market. Its development allows it to be present in Europeanmarkets, notably in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom or Spain.

However, the city of Bordeaux was not chosen at random to allow ManoMano to grow. This choice allows the founders of the site to recruit the best talent in the field of tech, with developers in mind. Indeed, developers are difficult profiles to recruit because their performance is highly sought after.

It was therefore in ManoMano’s interest to attract them by choosing a living environment that is now known and recognized, whether in France or Europe. Positive parameters to make a difference compared to other companies concentrated in the French capital.

We are currently facing an expectation of employees who are moving towards “well-being” rather than oriented towards the economic dimension. Dyears to the extent that Bordeaux meets these criteria as confirmed by the various rankings: the Belle Endormie is in the choice of the French the best city in which to work, sixth for its attractiveness on the job market or even the first of the cities of the world to visit in 2017 by the successful tourist guide, Lonely Planet.
These rankings speak for themselves. Bordeaux is a city where all indicators are positive for business. Theenvironment is also privileged for employees in all sectors.

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A climate conducive to the installation of global structures

Like a company, the city of Bordeaux has been able to implement an attractiveness strategy to attract innovative digital projects. This is how the next premises of Manomano are born. Indeed, the five employees from the Paris offices will move in the first quarter of 2019 in the new coworking space, the hemeraaccelerator. This space will be located Palais Gallien, in the heart of Bordeaux. Thelocals come from the former Marie Brizard factory.

Thus the accelerator will benefit from 1900m2 spread over three floors with the possibility of accommodating nearly 200 workstations. We there will be a large playroom and creativity called “The Workshop” and a Zen relaxation area appropriately named “the dormitory”. This local model recalls Google’s California vibe. Indeed, Google ensures the well-being of its employees. Indeed, it sets up facilities designed for development, concentration and productivity.

Bordeaux is changing from day to day, whether by its tourism success or the strong evolution of all its infrastructures and projects. We can mention for the best known the City of Wine dating from 2016, the LGV in 2017 or the constant developmentof the airport of Mérignac which is breaking records of growth and which greatly develops the number of air links around the world.

This good health of the city necessarily translates for businesses, well-being being one of the keys of recent years for companies, it is in this favourable context that companies settle in Bordeaux as Betclic, Ubisoft or more recently Acensi, the group of 1,000 people will settle on the banks of the Garonne by creating a subsidiary, with the aim of becoming the second local agency of the group, the company announced that it wants to recruit nearly 70 people.

A particular attraction for dynamic metropolises

Companies like ManoMano are turning to dynamic metropolises with significant potential such as Bordeaux. They attract companies looking for a cheaper environment, with business opportunities. Indeed, the concentration of businesses in the capital and real estate rates tend to hinder the arrival of new businesses. In addition, sthe territory has competition is marked. Soit’s difficult for certain industries to bring out new benchmarks. Bordeaux is in the middle of development. The city thus appears to be the ideal solution for these companies. It is in direct proximity to Paris thanks to the LGV or air links.

It is therefore a wise choice that decides to make the French unicorn in the making, settling in the city of Bordeaux which has already seduced important players and intends to continue its development in the years to come…

Thus the metropolis of Bordeaux has been able to attract companies to come and settle on its territory. It is the result of twenty years of work undertaken on the whole area. Today the metropolis is proud to highlight its soft living environment and its attractiveness by sometimes stealing the limelight to other, larger cities. In order to support the words of many rankings places the city on the podium. This is the “Great place to work 2014 and 2015” or the 2nd most attractive city for business leaders (Company Journal – May 2015). (3) But the city does not intend to stop in such a good way. Increasingly attractive, it has set itself the goal of becoming a European-wide benchmark by 2030. So let’s meet in 2030, but there is a good chance that the city of Bordeaux will continue its meteoric rise.



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