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Médoc Atlantic: eco-responsible tourism

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The Atlantic Médoc is a popular region for tourists when the weather arrives. It stretches from Lacanau to the Gironde estuary, and runs along the Atlantic coast. If it attracts so much, this is partly due to its particularly rich environment. Huge sandy beaches, a surfer’s paradise, to walks along the vineyards or in the middle of pine forests… The Atlantic Médoc has many advantages to seduce, especially in this time of pandemic. Its reputation helps support the local economy, while promoting a form of eco-responsible tourism.

Medoc Atlantic, reconnecting with nature

The Médoc Atlantic region offers a particularly pleasant living environment. Between the pine forests, emblematic of the Gironde and the Landes, as well as the large areas wineriesThe Médoc Atlantic has something to attract tourists as well as residents of neighbouring departments. The various surf spots along the coast also contribute to this reputation.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, tourist cravings have changed. They are moving away from major metropolises like Bordeaux, and turning to wilder, more natural places. This is called the slow tourism, and appears to be very good news for regions that attract more all year round. Moreover, with the crisis, tourists are more concerned with environmental issues. Although health measures are at the heart of the discussions, the way in which travel is growing.

Arrival ocean beach path
The Atlantic Médoc runs along the ocean front, offering huge beaches to visitors.

As a result, more and more tourists to the Atlantic Médoc region leave their cars to travel with other means of transport, such as bike. Indeed, the region has a vast network of bike paths, to move easily along the beaches… Without having any trouble parking. The route, more than 80 kilometers, allows to discover the treasures of the Atlantic Médoc and is part of the Velodyssée route. A process as good for the body as it is for the planet.

The Atlantic Médoc is particularly active and concerned with the protection of the environment and the well-being of the Medocans. In particular, it is part of a rigorous waste management policy, common by commune. The region has also adopted the “Territorial Air Energy Climate Plan”. This is the planning of a 6-year energy transition policy that takes place in several areas of action.

Médoc Atlantic, a place of eco-responsible sports and activities

The Médoc Atlantic is also a region that offers many sports activities, all year round. Starting with surfing,an activity unique to New Aquitaine. From the Gironde estuary to the Basque Country, surf spots enjoy an unrivalled reputation. For example, Lacanau is the host city of an international surfing and snowboarding event every year: the Lacanau Pro. This is a qualifying stage for the World Qualifying Series, the world surfing championship.

Thus, the Médoc Atlantic attracts experienced surfers, but also amateurs or novices wishing to discover this emblematic sport. Thus, surf schools take advantage of this request to introduce beginners in a unique setting. After a year marked by containment and restrictions, tourists crave a big breath of fresh air. A demand that supports the local economy.

Surfing ocean beach surfer
Surfing is one of the most popular activities in the region.

But as seen before, the Atlantic Médoc is also taking advantage of this rising demand to raise awareness of environmental protection. For example, a surf school in Verdon-Sur-Mer, Fishandtwins, offers eco-responsible surfing. For each surf or bodyboard lesson, the participant picks up a waste on the beach. An operation that allows you to take advantage of a natural environment and to have the right reflexes to protect the local ecosystem. This type of operation tends to multiply, beyond the surf sphere, to make the beaches, but also the forests cleaner.

But the area also offers other excursions and activities that appeal. There are many walks to do, which highlight local treasures. For example, the Lighthouse of Cordoba, the only lighthouse still in operation that allows visitors. Visitors climb the 301 steps that separate them from the summit and discover a unique landscape.

Culture and discoveries, between wines and heritage

The Atlantic Médoc is home to many treasures. The Lighthouse of Cordoba is also a candidate to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The decision, which was due to come in 2020, was postponed by one year, given the health situation.

The region also relies on another pillar of its economy: wine. Indeed, the Médoc Atlantic benefits from the presence of Bordeaux wineries. Also, to attract wine-loving visitors, it offers an event, “”Afterbeach”. The invitation allows visitors to gather in castles to taste local wines, and to meet in a friendly atmosphere. The Médoc Atlantic therefore wants to refocus on the well-being of visitors and energize local producers and businesses.


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