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Updated on October 6, 2020. Digital and schools, in AI version for Microsoft. A new great story is emerging in France, where Paris is no longer the last city to be able to make a great school. Artificial intelligence is one of the defining elements of this evolution. A future perspective, new trades and new innovations for Digital players. Microsoft wants to open a school dedicated to AI in Bordeaux, the new reference city of Digital.

Artificial intelligence is already here

France expects to be at the forefront artificial intelligence market. DIn 2018, Emmanuel Macron had already announced nearly 1.5 billion euros in artificial intelligence. Following the recommendations of the Villani report, the creation of four interdisciplinary AI institutes is announced for Paris, Toulouse, Nice and Sophia Antipolis. Their goals? To study the different fields of health, energy and transport, among others. All this led by the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA). Cooperation with the private sector and internationally is also being established through this programme.

But what will artificial intelligence bring? Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has alwaysOulu democratize technology by first making computers accessible to as many people as possible. Artificial intelligence, therefore, is a continuity of computers. And like robots in companies, some see it as an short-lived labour market.

However,the countries with the highest percentage of robots are also those with a high growth rate with low levels of unemployment.

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The future AI shock candidate? in any case, a key skill to acquire.

Training, the indispensable transformational tool

Most of the training centres have understood this. Digital, digital, robotics,AI, are now integrated into the curriculum. The training itself is digitalised, thanks to microlearning: resources accessible via the internet continuously 24 hours a day. New training methods are being developed, such as S ocial Learning,based on social networks, virtual classes, but also short courses.

Gamification, the constant evolution of trades, developers or even in our case, artificial intelligence are the reality of today and issues that cannot be ignored. We need to train, to transform ourselves better. Giants a Méricains understood that France had assimilated these new developments as well as its desire to adapt to market changes.

Facebook is the first to move to France in 2015, opening the FAIR. This is the Facebook AI Research, consaccreate to the research and understanding of artificial intelligence endowed with human intelligence . FAIR stands out addressing long-term academic issues, all related to AI. In addition, outside the United States, Facebook has only chosen to move to Montreal, Tel Aviv, London and Paris. France has thus become a key player in AI. In the same vein, Google also decided to open a center dedicated to AI, like Facebook, within the capital, in partnership with the French academic community.

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AI for teaching with Microsoft

Bordeaux, the smart city in essence?

Bordeaux isalso reseeding its best. Through a dynamic economic policy, it has enabled the installations of Betclic, ManoMano or Ubisoft are not due to chance. An ecosystem is in place in Bordeaux, organizations like Unitec or French Tech Bordeaux are there to confirm it. Microsoft now, after Lyon, Montpellier, moves to Bordeaux.

TheMicrosoft project is a training center in partnership with Simplon, a training professional. Lpromotions of 20 to 25 people who trainin the data and data Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft has a 100% employment rate at the end of each cycle.

Bordeaux continues its transformation, companies are not the only players, but it is also the trainings at their turn that come to enter an ecosystem that grows thicker over the years and over the projects. Paris is no longer the only branch of our connection to the digital world, all the cities of France continue their digital transformations in this direction. Bordeaux, is on the front line.


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