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Updated on 15/09/2020 – The Movement of Social Entrepreneurs, or MOUVES, is an association law 1901 founded in Paris in 2010. From the beginning, his ambitions were simple: first, to bring together social entrepreneurs at the national level, while communicating with the general public to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship; thus, the aim of THE MOUVES is to be able to develop entrepreneurship in France by promoting social innovation.

In 2017, the association was present in 8 regions, and already had more than 750 members.

MOUVES in the region, issues, sharing

For the New Aquitaine region, MOUVES wants to develop innovation andsocial entrepreneurship,through sharing and co-construction.

In addition, the MOUVES Nouvelle Aquitaine, represented by Marie Tournier, plans to set up an experimental project in New Aquitaine. The aim is to foster connections, cooperation and partnerships between rather social enterprises, with traditional enterprises. But also with public actors: the “Buy Social” programme or “MOUVES ton BusinESS”.

This programme would take place in the form of monthly meetings between the various actors and members. In addition, a national day would be held in Bordeaux in June 2018, during which business meetings between the players will be promoted.

MOUVES has already thought about a few meeting themes, such as responsible buying and claus markets. In addition, the possibility of a common response to public procurement, open innovation, cooperation on certain projects, social joint ventures, or even skill volunteering.

Their desire is to promote social and environmental entrepreneurship. This is in order to increase their number with the opportunity to develop innovative ideas for the service of the country and the regions. Among the members of the Movement of Social Entrepreneurs, we can find for example for the New Aquitaine region. In addition, companies such as Vracoop, eco Solidaire Workshop, Ayin, Petite Antlière, or ACTES-ELISE Atlantic are present.

Local entrepreneurs in the spotlight

For some time now, social and solidarity entrepreneurship has been developing considerably, with the spotlight of local and solidarity-based entrepreneurs-creators, for example with the Solidarity Christmas market in Pey Berland, but also thanks to the birth and development of incubators and spaces in Coworking, like La Hive. Today, the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) has become a staple in the Bordeaux daily newspaper. It has several objectives, such as support in social integration, but also means of acting within its territory. Companies are regularly created on Bordeaux offering innovations and solidarity approaches.

Given the current events of 2020, solidarity is a priority, to support progress and the emergence of new solutions. During the peak of COVID-19 in New Aquitaine, many companies responded to help professionals on the front lines. For example, many restaurateurs served meals to health care workers free of charge during the workdays. At the same time, young entrepreneurs were giving their time to make masks, or to make their stocks available. These are all acts of solidarity that radiate local entrepreneurship.

Finally, support from local entrepreneurs is also provided through financial assistance. To help start-ups and grow, crowdfunding platforms are being created. They allow projects to come to fruition, by mobilizing individuals. Thanks to these up-to-date solutions, companies can create and develop new solutions that shape the world of tomorrow… A project where everyone can be an actor in his own way, to get things done.

To meet new challenges of the future, together.

Association Movement of Social Entrepreneurs

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