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Ideal office, a return to fundamentals for business leaders

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Has the ideal office changed its face? The quest for this perfect space is common to many business leaders. A place where all teams feel good,and where productivity knows no limits. With the COVID-19 pandemic, and the obligation to use telework when activities permit… Employees are less likely to be in the office. Time for an awareness of the most suitable space to work. How has the vision of the entrepreneur and his employees with regard to the workspace par excellence evolved? Between returning to basics and seeking evolution, the work in the office does not seem ready to disappear…

The ideal office, an optimized and appreciated space

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies work over the past year. Since the first confinement in March 2020, many employees have tasted a new way of workingfrom home. If at first the idea of telecommuting appeared as a more flexible and pleasantsolution … Not going to the office creates a certain lack. However, working every day of the week in the office is not part of the desires of the majority. Indeed, 65% of employees feel that coming to the office every day is not necessary.

Employee office work company comfort
To work well, the employee wants an ergonomic and comfortable office.

At issue is the disconnect between work in the office and work from home. It creates a week in two stages,and keeps everyone’s motivation intact. All the more so since the Government encourages the maintenance of telecommuting in the rhythm of companies. But with the massive deployment of telework… New cravings are born as to the face of the ideal office.

Thus, employees and business leaders have a common desire: to make the office as functional as possible. A well-equippedoffice, with ergonomics and comfort makes it easy to concentrate. For example, a good seat,a stable connection and above all the ability to exchange with colleagues are essential.

Today, one of the most important points for an ideal office is the quiet environment. Working in a quiet space allows you to concentrate more, and thus be more productive. In telework, the disturbances can be numerous: the surrounding noises (the neighborhood, the people who live under the same roof…). But also the environment not really suitable for work in good conditions.

Making the ideal office more enjoyable than at home

Not all teleworkers have a converted office, a dedicated work space. Thus, the quest for the ideal office has a positive impact on the concentration of employees. The aim is therefore to provide a peaceful environment for employees in which they can evolve and concentrate. In most offices, open spaces are places where noise disturbances are present. The noise of keyboards, printers, movements and conversations are disruptive elements.

With the sanitary measures related to COVID-19, and the search for this ideal office, the will of business leaders is to materialize the different spaces. In order to respect the barrier gestures, and to limit noise pollution, the offices are individualizing. This allows you to isolate yourself to work, and to be in a cocoon, a space studied for work.

In some offices, business leaders also set up spaces for telephone conversations. This is particularly what meetropolitan’s shared office space offers, with soundproof “cabins” that allow you to call without disturbing others… And in complete confidentiality. For 50% of employees and business leaders, working in peace is essential. The ideal office therefore combines quiet spaces for work, and places of micro-pause, places of meeting and exchange.

Open office space
Defining spaces according to work helps to combat noise pollution.

Thus, in the layout of offices, it is necessary to make the configuration and equipment reliable, comfortable,in order to feel even better than at home. Because beyond being a simple workspace, the office is a place where employees spend a large part of their lives. This justifies the requirements and expectations of comfort, and encourages a softer and more sought-after arrangement.

A well-thought-out and situated workplace

For employees of a company, the ideal office is above all a place where you feel good. A well thought out, well-designed place that offers ideal services to flourish in your work. With containment and pandemic,companies with cramped offices are selling it for a larger location. This is particularly true in large metropolises where offices are numerous and small.

This quest for space and calm pushes companies to review their roadmap, to provide a more conducive environment for quality work. Thus, the ideal office must be open to natural light; it helps to limit the company’s energy expenditure, while being more positive for the health of employees. Natural light tires the eyes less, and warms the room. In Bordeaux,the Euratlantic business district consists of large buildings with many glass surfaces.

But employees also want a framework around the company that mixes professional and personal life. Thus, a lively area,with shops and food outlets make the difference.

One of the essential aspects of the ideal office in the eyes of employees is also its accessibility. The positive for them with telecommuting is to limit travel,which saves time. In this way, an office that is accessible and not far from home is preferred. Transportation is a significant part of the employee’s well-being.


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