An ephemeral setting for Volvo in the heart of Gambetta Square

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[vc_row row_background_lines=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]At the beginning of the year, the concession CAP NORD Automobiles, Volvo distributor, offers their new XC60 an original operation, the “Pop Up Shop Window”, in a mythical place in Bordeaux, the ex-Virgin Megastore Place Gambetta.

The latest evolution of the Swedish SUV is in line with its predecessors and is a match between bold design and refined interiors. Equipped with instinctive technologies, the vehicle combines light, space and delicate execution to deliver a unique experience. Rich in natural and luxurious materials, the Volvo XC60 embodies the epitome of modern Scandinavian design.

To showcase Volvo’s new jewel, it needed a case that matched its audacity and simplicity.

While the brand is making every effort to ensure that its customers are more and more informed before taking the step of showrooms, thanks in particular to the information made available on digital and online configurators that now allow to imagine from home the vehicle of their dreams, customers still feel a real need to see the vehicles in the flesh.


An original and remarkable concept

The CAP NORD Automobiles dealership wanted to take the concept even further by moving the vehicle where their customers are, in the heart of their place of life, and presenting them in an original and remarkable way.

“The idea of an ephemeral concession had been in mind for several months and we had the opportunity to test this concept in a simpler way via an ephemeral showcase.”

In the end, the implementation of this showcase proved to be really complex from a technical point of view. Indeed, the lobby of the former Virgin Megastore, deserted for several years and occasionally occupied for a wide variety of operations, is an exceptionally large and undeveloped space.


A bespoke case, soon to be digitalized

In order to enhance the Volvo XC60 to the extent of its beauty, an elegant cube has been custom-designed. A totally airtight space, protected by fire-proof plates, with a deliberately clean and delicate design in order to sublimate the vehicle.

White walls and sea rush on the ground bring the warmth that enhances the elegance of the SUV while paying tribute to the simplicity of Scandinavian design, a reminder of the origins of the brand and the universe of its customers. Simplicity and elegance are the watchwords.

To go beyond the concept of simple exposure and make the experience immersive and personalized, the CAP NORD Automobiles dealership has just set up a digital and playful animation on the display case to allow visitors to set up their own XC60.

Finally, during March, the window will evolve to the delight of your eyes. A surprise to discover…



Candice Cibois – Bordeaux Business


CAP NORTH Automobile Concession release

Volvo XC60: Euromix consumption (L/100 km): 2.1-7.8 – CO2 released (g/km): 49-177.

Available from €47,200.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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