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A trade show serving the Bordeaux economy

On May 21, the New Aquitaine edition of the Purchasing and Suppliers Show, an event designed by and for businesses in the New Aquitaine region, took place. Supported and organized by the NAC, the ETI Club, CEVA and Deloitte, the initiative responds to the desire to energize the entire sector by enabling buyers and suppliers to form a disruptive and profitable network in terms of profitability and professional ethics. Bordeaux Business looks back at the balance sheet of this Aquitaine event and the outlook for the sector.



A successful B2B event


The Shopping Fair was a new opportunity for New Aquitaine to highlight its purchasing practices and its businesses, a true business showcase of the attractiveness of its territory. At the end of the meeting day, prizes were awarded to entrepreneurs-innovators from the Bordeaux region. To reward the co-participation of local players, the Crystal of Innovation Purchases 2019 was awarded to Sunna Design, a manufacturer of public solar lighting in Blanquefort for its partnership and co-development on the storage of solar energy in extreme weather conditions. With a view to promoting sustainable and eco-designed purchases, the 2019 Social and Environmental Responsibility Purchasing Crystal was then awarded to La Poste for the maintenance of electric-assisted bicycles used by factors for New Aquitaine. The 2019 Young Buyer’s Purchase Crystal has been awarded to Paul Condaminas of SUEZ for his work on optimizing the consumption and energy costs of sewage treatment plants. Finally, the Coup de Coeur trophy was awarded to Eiffage for its inter-company and inter-company shared services platform on the Bordeaux-Euratlantique project.

In addition, the number of partners present also attests to the success of the event: 170 companies present, 300 suppliers, 200 buyers and more than 500 participants. Yet this success should not mask the multiple challenges that await suppliers and buyers from the Bordeaux region.. Teachers, strategy consultants, purchasing managers and local elected officials are all mobilized to reflect on the business changes of the purchasing function.


The purchasing function, a strategic function for the competitiveness of companies


The purchasing function is a very important part of the business model of companies, especially in the context of the ESS Act and the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act. Over the years, it has become increasingly a pivotal point in the company’s leadership. Buyers are looking to maximize their time, quality of service and cost. While the price element remains an important factor in decision-making, purchasing managers are also concerned with other issues such as quality or proximity to the source of supply. Indeed, corporate social responsibility tends to become an issue of strategic importance and is no longer seen as a mere showcase, sometimes referred to as “greenwashing”. Faced with this business sounding board, the National Purchasing Council wants to mobilize more purchasing departments in order to make them real players in regional development.

For suppliers, it is not always easy to take advantage of opportunities to prospect potential buyers. However, local initiatives such as the Shopping Show can create synergies. As such, the Bordeaux region is a force for proposal with the Aquitaine Association of Responsible Public Purchasing, which is co-financed by the Environment and Energy Management Agency and the New Aquitaine region. Indeed, Gironde has an annual action plan: the responsible purchasing promotion scheme (SPAR). Initiated by law No. 2014-856 of 31 July 2014 relating to the social and solidarity economy, local authorities that make purchases of more than 100 million euros must now ensure the promotion of socially and ecologically responsible purchases.

The structures of the circular economy are therefore a source of interest for the department. The public order of the Department of Gironde represents more than 160 million euros of expenditure per year, 61% of which directly benefits the companies of Girona. At the national level, public order accounts for between 15 and 20% of GDP. In summary, the public purchasing capacity of the Bordeaux territory reflects the attractiveness of the purchasing sector. Initiated over the past ten years with its local Agenda 21, the Bordeaux department was awarded both in 2008 for the launch of its investment and responsible purchasing policy and in 2016, for its commitment and social and environmental responsibility, enough to encourage the development of the Bordeaux territory.



With the holding of events such as the Shopping Show, the metropolis demonstrates its willingness to rehabilitate the purchasing function in the service of the local economy. The girondine economy is thus determined to build a network of suppliers, companies, distributors, concerned with innovation and sustainability. The social and ecological potential of the Bordeaux territory contributes to the strengthening of the value creation of the purchasing function, to the delight of entrepreneurs-innovators girondins.


Justine ANGIBAUD – BORDEAUX Business




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