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Storage warehouses have been developing in parallel with the e-commerce boom for several years. THE INSEE (1) has also published a report in 2019 showing the evolution of online shopping in French households and the result is edifying: in 2018, 60.9% of French people made at least one purchase via the Internet during the year. Data is growing continuously, when we see that in 2009, they were only 39.3%. To cope with this increase in demand, online buying giants are equipping themselves, using Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimize merchandise management.

WMS, an effective solution for real-time management

Equipping a WMS when you’re a giant like Amazon is essential. Faced with changing consumer behaviours that order online, internet sales professionals who store their goods in warehouses must be able to meet every demand very quickly. A main objective: to optimize the time of all operations carried out within storage warehouses.

The WMS intervenes as soon as the goods arrive in the warehouse, for the registration of each product, in order to guarantee its traceability. The warehouses are huge,so it is imperative for the be able to manage the flow of goods as easily as possible, and the software package meets this need. It also allows the warehouse to be organized so that each commodity is classified, and easier to find when preparing an order. Thus, the WMS allows to automate all repetitive tasks and to leave employees with missions that add value. This is a huge support when we think that in 2019, 1.5 billion online transactions took place on French soil, an increase of 20% compared to 2017, according to a report issued by FEVAD.

“Nature-size” storage warehouses

Among the major players in e-commerce is a Frenchman, and in particular a Bordeaux player: Cdiscount. Founded in 1998, it now offers more than 30 million products of all kinds for sale. To have such a catalogue of offers, the giant currently has 3 large storage warehouses located in Bordeaux-Cestas, Lyon and Paris, representing a total area of 500,000 m2 (3). With more than 9.2 million customers active on its platform, Cdiscount must therefore be able to accurately manage its orders and the products that pass through its warehouses.

The use of WMS for companies with such activity significantly reduces the shipping time of goods, and thus increases the number of parcels sent each day. With the help of robots linked to these software packages, the largest packages are handled without the need for human help, thus avoiding accidents and injuries in storage warehouses.

Searching for real time for customers

Thus, orders can be processed and sent on the same day, allowing customers who wish to deliver at an additional cost to be delivered in an even shorter time frame, regardless of whether they are 20 km or 500 km from the warehouse…

The use of WMS improves warehouse management for online sales players, but also improves customer comfort. No need for him to move, the order can be made from any place, and the delivery is almost immediate. This is a great way to encourage customer satisfaction and encourage them to repeat their online purchases… and for companies to keep deadlines ever shorter, without significantly increasing their workforce.



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