Orange rolls out mobile infrastructure in Poland

Orange is one of the main operators in France, but also in Poland. This mobile operator is developing throughout the country by exploiting all the development avenues at its disposal. Thus, it provides telephony, connectivity, but also telecommunications solutions… And even continues to deploy on other axes, such as energy. In order to further deploy its mobile infrastructure, and cover the entire country, Orange Poland recently announced its partnership with Solutions 30. The European leader in solutions for new technologies will thus accompany the expansion of the mobile network driven by Orange.

Orange Poland, accessibility of telecommunications in the age of 5G

With this partnership, the Polish subsidiary of the French group hopes to expand its market to even more households. In particular, it hopes to continue to improve its mobile services by reaching the centre of the country. Poland has more than 38.43 million inhabitants, and as many homes to connect to the mobile network. The merger with Solutions 30 (Wsch-d Sp. z o.o.) will help it prepare for the arrival of the next generation of mobile technology, such as 5G. A deployment started on the 2100 MHz band, which then plans to expand more widely. For example, Orange Poland is detecting new high-potential geographic areas that it intends to target to deploy its mobile infrastructure. A deployment based on very high speed, as well as access to fiber for more households. In the first quarter of 2020, the mobile operator covered 4.4 million homes and premises of businesses with fibre.

Very high-speed broadband will enable 1.7 million households to access faster connectivity. With Solutions 30, the partnership focuses on the maintenance of existing customers, as well as the deployment of high-speed fibre optic internet. Orange Poland offers several services to its customers, in addition to the mobile aspect. 36.4% of the activity is represented by mobile telecommunications services. 27.1% relate to fixed telecommunications and internet access. 14.6% is related to the sale of mobile telecommunications equipment, such as dedicated stores, for example. The group thus has many services that, in the long run, continue to grow. One of the last is also Orange Poland’s commitment to a more responsible operation…

Wind turbines park energy electricity
Wind energy is green and generates electricity. Orange Poland has decided to use this energy for its own production.

Energy and green consumption at the heart of Poland’s issues

In Poland, the use of renewable energy is important. Among the players who engage in a greener policy,Orange Poland. The group has signed a 10-year contract with the Orygeen Group, pledging to convert 10% of its electricity into wind energy. The operator wants to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2040, 10 years before other companies. In addition, Orange Poland will also reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% compared to 2015. This is a strong commitment, underlined by the renewable energy players. In this dynamic, Orange hopes that by 2025, more than 50% of the group’s energy will come from renewable energy sources. To do this, it has signed its first contract to purchase electricity from two off-site PPAPs (Power Purchase Agreement) in Poland. Both wind farms are built and operated by the German group WPD.

This step in green energy crowns the ambitions of deployment on the mobile phone network of Orange Poland. With the entry into the operation and the creation ofgreen electricity from 2021, the group continues its growth and deployment in the territory. For example, it plans to supply 18,000 electricity delivery points across the country. In addition to the potential of geographical areas that do not yet have access to very high-speed broadband and fibre optics… Orange Poland could thus very quickly establish its leading position in the face of competition. A company committed and invested in the accessibility of technology, but also green energy. A model to follow, then.


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