Osteria Palatino, new Italian gourmet address in Bordeaux

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On June 14, 2021, BORDEAUX Business participated in the inauguration of the Osteria Palatino in Bordeaux. This new brand of the restaurant chain “Big Mamma” transports Italy to the heart of sleeping beauty. Between discovery of a confidential place, decorated with care in a vast space where no detail is left to chance … And where even during the service, the Italian accent resonates when exchanging with waiters and chefs. In short, the trip is guaranteed. Throughout the map, the know-how of Chef Andrea ASSOGNA is present, the promise of a very beautiful address for lovers of Italian gastronomy.

The storefront encourages a traditional meal in the colors of Italy.

The Osteria Palatino, change of scenery assured

As soon as we arrive in this beautiful establishment, we are warmly received with a singing “Buena Sera” (editor’s note: “Good evening” in Italian) and a tasty Italiancocktail. The discovery of this restaurant is a surprise. The establishment, on two floors, is huge. Different spaces, different atmospheres, all in the colors of Italy, and its heritage: advertising posters, cars or football, as well as sculptures worthy of the most prestigious museums in the world.

Several atmospheres, within the establishment of 850m².

The kitchen is open, and allows guests to see the chefs in action. All products are prepared on site by Italian chefs, with raw materials directly imported from Italy. Products selected with great care, with ancestral know-how.

Throughout the event, the focus was on sharing, generosity and flavors. The promise of a one-way trip to Italy, through many discoveries. Dishes designed and made by Chef Andrea ASSOGNA, at the head of the restaurant. Thus, all the classics of Italian cuisine are within reach of the plate… Just as much as exclusive creations.

During this event, we had the opportunity to taste different dishes from the menu offered by Osteria Palatino. From the Burrata con pappa al Pomodoro through the delicious Casoncelli alla carbonara di mare followed by the unmissable “Mammargherita”… Not to mention the traditional Tigramisù, everything is done on site and neat, both in terms of tastes and presentation.

The kitchen open to the room allows you to see the chefs designing the dishes.

In summary, this new address full of promise intends to highlight know-how and gastronomy. A bet that also perfectly meets the reputation of Bordeaux, focused on eating well.

Big Mamma, booming restaurants

The Osteria Palatino is not an independent restaurant. It belongs to Big Mamma, a chain of Italian restaurants that is talked about. And for good reason, it has more than 13 restaurants, and intends to continue its development in the coming years. To date, Big Mamma has nine restaurants in Paris, one in Lille, one in Lyon, three in London and two in Madrid… And that of Bordeaux. Each restaurant has a unique name, and a decoration of its own, while remaining within the codes of Italian restaurants.

The bar, place of creation for tasty cocktails.

In addition, in cities that have several restaurants, everyone has their own specialty, with chefs who offer pizza cards, or pasta, grills … This makes it possible each time to offer a different experience, with the guarantee of quality know-how. In Bordeaux, the Osteria Palatino offers all types of dishes, with a brigade of 30 people, all experts in their practice.

Big Mamma really plays the card of authenticity, and attaches particular importance to the quality of the experience of its customers. Each dish is presented, explained, to highlight all the balance and flavors. An invitation to travel, in a colorful and lively setting, where you can easily see the cooks at work. A show during which it is possible to watch the making of pasta, pizzas … But also, upstairs, the opportunity to see the bartender prepare a variety of cocktails. Cocktails also with the flavors of Italy …

Pizzas follow the codes of Italian pizza.

La Osteria Palatino, the place to be in Bordeaux

The Osteria Palatino is therefore the beautiful Bordeaux surprise, rue de la Merci, next to the famous rue Sainte Catherine. A strategic location in the heart of Bordeaux, to stay easy to access. A restaurant that is both friendly and refined, offering for example white truffle pasta on its menu. In short, dishes that are out of the ordinary.

The restaurant has been renovated for several months to offer guests a unique atmosphere. The setting is therefore particular and atypical, to be discovered without delay. A promise of travel kept, therefore, which solicits all the senses.

Contact :

Osteria Palatino

8, rue de la Merci – 33000 BORDEAUX

05 33 89 15 24


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