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PINDOT supports hotels and restaurants a little more in the digitalization of hotel and restaurant players. 19 May is a date that is akin to a second wind for the hotel and restaurant sectors. This is also the launch date of the PINDOT solution. This digital solution aims to revolutionize the operation of restaurants and hotels in the long term. On the other hand, it aims to shake up consumer habits while facilitating the consumption process and its stages. The COVID-19 crisis has involved long periods of closure, but not only that. While bringing about changes in people’s habits, it has profoundly accelerated digitalization.

Adapt and digitize to stay competitive

Faced with the health crisis, hotels and restaurants had no choice but to comply with the measures put in place. They had to adapt. In this period of crisis, they have had two choices. Faced with the inability to receive the public during the different periods of confinement, they could stop all activity or consider a somewhat different operation. Indeed, the covid crisis has strongly impacted lifestyles but also the way of consuming.

For hotels and restaurants, digitalisation has become the way forward. It must be said that the health context accelerated the process during the year. Thus for many establishments takeaway, click & collect, or delivery have become the solutions to avoid contact. These solutions required, in particular, the implementation of digital solutions and enhanced online communication. PINDOT, made the observation and decided to work on the development of adapted solutions. Thus, the COVID-19 crisis can also be seen as an opportunity to develop and enrich a new customer experience.

New solutions have emerged to allow institutions to limit the flow of elements from hand to hand. For example, menu cards have been digitized. Online payment solutions have been favoured. In France, 53% of restaurateurs have created digital menus. 80% want to continue using them over time. QR codes have also returned to the forefront. They allow customers to easily find all the necessary information.

In addition, the health protocol put in place by the government encourages hotel and restaurant professionals to use digital solutions. Indeed, it indicates that as far as possible menus and payments should be approached in a form that avoids contact. In addition, the implementation of a paper or digital reminder book must be mandatory. The objective is to be able to trace the entrances to the establishment. In order to meet these requirements, PINDOT offers centralization and one-click accessibility to all the services of the establishments.

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With the PINDOT solution, the services of the establishments are at yourtips

PINDOT and digital to enhance its activity

In order to respond to the new problems of the hotel and restaurant sectors PINDOT offers an effective digital solution. PINDOT is a company based in Switzerland. Thanks to technology, it wants to improve the daily life and efficiency of hotels and restaurants. Today, PINDOT’s solution operates in Europe as well as in the Middle East and has a few more partners every day. The solution relies in particular on the use of an algorithm and a QR code system in order to centralize all the services of the establishments. The objective is to rely on new technologies and new habits taken by the consumer to increase the turnover of establishments.

The solution has already proven itself according to the figures provided by the brand. Indeed, the establishments using the solution show 35% additional turnover. On the other hand, it helps to improve the customer experience by avoiding waiting for them. Indeed, from now on, they have access in a few clicks to all the available services. Thus, this allows them a 40% reduction in waiting time.

Indeed, with the PINDOT solution, customers no longer have to wait for the servers to come and take their order. They can consult the menu, place an order and pay directly on the platform. This allows a better rotation of the tables and compliance with sanitary regulations. Restaurateurs can also implement new distribution channels such as proximity delivery or click-&-collect. Beyond the restaurant business, consumers can also find additional services if they are in a hotel. Indeed, they can order services in the room, a moment at the spa or even dry cleaning services. Highlighting these offers within the platform makes it possible to simplify the stay of customers. At the same time, for the hotel, this makes it possible to enhance and give more visibility to its services.

COVID-19 has had a very strong impact on the entire economy, particularly in the hotel and restaurant sectors. However, it also proves to be a source of opportunities to reinvent oneself. Indeed, in order to adapt to new habits, new ingenious solutions have emerged. They offer simplicity, speed and availability to the services offered by the various establishmentss. However, while this solution initially responds to new needs, it may trigger impatient behaviour among consumers.


“PINDOT revolutionizes the hotel and restaurant industry” PINDOT, press release May 2021



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