Online platforms and multilingual learning for children

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Online platforms allow children to learn despite the current situation. In fact, during a period of confinement, away from the classrooms, children can continue their learning thanks to the digital tools at their disposal. However, each child is different and the fear that the learning level gap will increase for parents. If containment lasts, there are solutions that exist to accompany children in their learning, at their own pace.

Solutions to support children’s learning

During the confinement period, children no longer attend school. The teachers offer a new format of online courses, via videoconference with children, which sets its limits. The accompaniment is different, as the teacher cannot help his students on a case-by-case basis. Homework, usually done in class, is done with the parents. Parents who don’t always have time to help them, some being teleworking. Others cannot help them because of a lack of knowledge about the concepts discussed in the classroom, which are evolving regularly. Initiatives are emerging to support parents and children to make progress during confinement. This is the case, for example, with the Marypop by Video platform, which offers homework assistance to children. A videoconferencing service, of course, with individualized follow-up.

This platform of “Babysitters of the World” is a great success and offers accompaniments in a multitude of languages.

Bespoke follow-up is an essential value in supporting the child in learning. This is also true for subjects that are sometimes new to children, such as the discovery of a foreign language. On learning platforms, children can interact with people who speak several foreign languages. This allows the children to continue to have a regular practice to progress serenely, and return to school with training. On the internet, many platforms exist, and offer like Marypop By Video, a personalized accompaniment for children. A way to keep children busy by opening them up to the world around them, and to allow parents to be more serene about their child’s learning during confinement.

The Business of Private Lessons and Online Learning

Thanks to the development of digital tools, children and young people in France can continue their habits from a distance. In addition to access to school learning platforms for studies, there are online solutions for everything. The road code learning that is usually done in the car school can be done online. Through platforms specifically designed for distance learning, it’s never been easier to work when you want. Actors like En Voiture Simone offer their customers to train in the online traffic code, in real conditions. The Bordeaux player is one of the first players in this market to have turned to a 100% digital solution.

There are also online platforms for reputable activities, especially during periods of confinement. Sport, for example. Sports clubs, or sports coaches who can no longer practice in person, turn to digital to accompany their clients. To do this, they offer video programs, filming a full session with exercises, which members can view through their subscription. A way to keep your business going during a period of limited travel. These activities can also be adapted to children, to help them spend each day. It also allows them to continue to develop their growth.

Online platforms also to support merchants

To support children in their development and in the continuity of their learning, the platforms respond to requests. A tailor-made support tailored to each child’s needs and profile. But the current containment period also penalizes all contractors who are unseeded. In New Aquitaine, the Region takes into account the difficulties faced by these entrepreneurs from all sectors in offering aid.

You can see all the aids offered to new Aquitaine businesses here.

At the same time, in addition to national and regional aid, local initiatives are emerging. This supports local producers who are also experiencing the current period, seeing strong local sales reduced. The Girondins Producers platform, for example, supports all producers in the department. It connects local producers with consumers, all in short circuit. This is not only to support the local economy, while continuing to consume local and seasonal products.

In times of confinement, the development of initiatives is multiplying to support all French people. With the use of platforms and digital solutions that are accessible to all, children can continue to learn and grow. At the same time, the most impacted entrepreneurs and producers can be supported. It was a way of getting through this delicate period together, which raised many questions.


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