Port Boinot, a successful industrial conversion

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Port Boinot, located in Niort, in the New Aquitaine region, is no longer the place it was until now. Composed of former chamoiserie and ganterie factories, it began its conversion in 2015. A conversion of industrial wasteland into a landscaped area, for a beautiful discovery of heritage. The inauguration, 5 years after the start of the work, hints at an enhancement of the landscapes, of the ecosystem, dressing the heart of the city of vegetation. At a time when respect for the environment and the establishment of vast green spaces is at the heart of the discussions… The city of Niort is breathing. In short, a story that originates in a historic place, created in 1866…

Port Boinot, make the city breathe with green spaces

The Port Boinot changes its face, much to the delight of the locals. Since 2005, the Boinot factories are no longer functioning, and the site is left out. Thus, it reveals a vast untapped space, which nevertheless offers a very important potential. In October 2015, the City Council accepted an urban, architectural and landscape development program for Port Boinot. The two emblematic buildings of Port Boinot: the employer’s house and the Factory were then rehabilitated. The first will be redeveloped as a place of restoration, the second will initially see its consolidated structure. In short, all the rehabilitation and development work allows, in the long run, to offer a natural environment to the inhabitants. Between places of artistic discovery, as with Les Hangars, or leisure and visits within the dryer… Port Boinot offers a real experience to its visitors.

The opening of these different spaces staggers over time, the inauguration of the dryer being planned for Spring 2021…

In more than 150 years, the landscape of Port Boinot has evolved well, and is gradually transforming into a space for living and sharing. This large-scale initiative, led by the city of Niort, could be followed by other cities in the region. Indeed, in the face of the impetus of projects and a strong commitment to the protection of the environment… The region wants to be able to encourage the transformation of brownfield sites into green spaces accessible to all. Other metropolises, such as Bordeaux, the “capital” of New Aquitaine, are already embarking on renovation and transformation projects. In short, ambitious projects, ecological or modernization, with a driving line, a key value: do not distort the city.

The Port Boinot, an industrial conversion project, is inaugurated in the year 2020.

Bordeaux, land of conversion and rehabilitation

Thus, Bordeaux is one of the cities where the energy and ecological transition has made sense for some years now. Indeed, in this dynamic, the city reconstructs sometimes entire neighborhoods, designed with greener materials or taking into account new issues. Bringing people together, offering more local shops or making public transport more accessible… These are all projects that the city is carrying out. The most important project to convert an industrial wasteland is in the Bastide district. Among them, the rehabilitation and conversion of the Niel Barracks into a living and working space is part of this great project. The project seeks to develop a solidarity, cooperative and resilient dimension. Indeed, it is one of the first conversion projects, which later develops other similar initiatives. The opportunity to infuse future rehabilitation with a valuable ecological dimension.

Niort Port Boinot Canals
Port Boinot is right in the centre of the city. It thus has an ideal position for all the inhabitants.

The evolution of brownfield sites into living spaces or natural places makes it possible to transform the face of cities and metropolises in a sustainable way. The New Aquitaine region, particularly focused on the ecological dimension, intends to stimulate the development of projects of this nature. Finally, the transformation of neighbourhoods, the rehabilitation of abandoned factories or industrial spaces allow the landscape to be enhanced without abandoning ecological and environmental values.


Press release – Port Boinot – Port Boinot / Niort public spaces open – 6 October 2020

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