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If you run a company whose activities require the handling of corrosive products in Bordeaux, you have an obligation to ensure the protection of your staff. Indeed, the Labour Code enshrines several sections. You can therefore consult the orders and recommendations that specify ways to prevent chemical damage. In addition to studying workstations and determining the collective protection measures to be applied, it is essential to equip your workers properly. Find out in this article the protective equipment to provide to your employees to protect them from the dangers of corrosive products.

Using personal protection: an imperative for your chemical company

If you run a pharmaceutical company or chemical plant in Bordeaux, be aware that your employees are exposed to risks. Projection of chemicals, aerosols, inhalation of steam, fine powders, gas, related to the handling of corrosive products. These accidents can lead to severe skin burns, weakened immune systems, the development of potentially fatal conditions, etc. Since 2015, INRS has been implementing numerous campaigns to raise awareness among companies about good practices. Every year in France, 2,500 people are trained to work with companies for this purpose. An awareness among some 350,000 people, according to the results of the INRS.

To keep your employees healthy, professionals such as e-retention offer personal protective equipment. This equipment will be used to protect the face, eyes, body, hands, airways, feet and legs of employees. Like Bordeaux chemical companies such as Gritche, this is a safety measure that will have to be put in place in your structure.

Protect yourself from corrosive products, choosing the right equipment

Protective clothing is the first security feature to provide to your staff. They protect the worker from risks that can irreversibly affect the worker’s physical integrity. Depending on your needs, you should choose protective clothing that meets current standards. The Bordeaux-based company Cmaths regularly works with local companies to raise awareness of these risks. Thus, if you are looking for protection against a corrosive gas or liquid,the garment must meet certain criteria. It should not be designed with a sewn, woven or porous material. In general, the garment should not contain asperities that could corrupt its waterproofing. Then your employees must wear safety shoes. These safety equipment must be multi-risk to protect the user from the risk of falls related to the spill of hazardous liquids, the risk of corrosion, etc.

The safety shoes recommended to combat the chemical hazard are high shoes and boots. These equipments must be non-slip and compliant with the company’s flooring. These shoes must also be waterproof, resistant to the degradation and penetration of toxic products. In France, 7% of work-related accidents affect the feet, for example, from simple false movement to puncture. Hence the interest of choosing quality equipment to protect yourself during each task performed. Clothes, shoes or accessories are elements not to be overlooked.

Responding to strict standards for safe work in business

Respiratory protective devices are PPE that removes chemical particles from filtered air. They guarantee protection from lack of air and contaminated environment. As a result, employees who wear these devices breathe un contaminated air. They are less likely to develop diseases related to inhaling vapours, aerosols and chemical particles. Finally, PPE such as masks and glasses protect the user’s eyes and face from corrosive substances. To play their safe role, they must comply with the NF EN 166 standard. The choice of equipment in the company is essential.

This is to enable its employees to operate in a secure environment, suitable for handling corrosive or hazardous materials. In Bordeaux, pharmaceutical and chemical companies are particularly followed, as by Gipso, the cluster of health industries in New Aquitaine. Gipso takes the heart of preventing and accompanying Bordeaux and neo-Aquitaine companies in their equipment. An essential support, to minimize accidents or endangering employees.


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