PTC partners with KEDGE to train students in IoT

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For the first time, Parametric Technology Corporation (a global provider of technologies for the Internet of Things) commissioned a school to conduct a case study on business opportunities in the connected objects sector. It was the students of Kedge Business School who were asked for this study.

The PTC Group, founded in 1985 in the United States and now specializing in the design and manufacture of connected objects, wants an outside look at strategic issues, and wants to allow Kedge students to study innovative opportunities in the connected object market. As a team, the students prepared a business model with a risk analysis to assess for TTC the new activity deposits in the IoT.

PTC gets involved in training in Bordeaux

In April 2015, PTC participated in a series of conferences organized by the Digital Hub in Bordeaux to address the issues of issues and opportunities for businesses concerning the Internet of Things. This was an opportunity for PTC to present its platform, ThingWorx, a start-up bought in 2013 for $130 million.

This year, PTC approached the Kedge Business School to carry out a case study to analyze the market and identify possible risk factors for a possible Bordeaux location. Students from Kedge Business School responded to this study. They had the opportunity to make a business model reviewed by the leaders of TPC, and then to present the results during an oral performance last June.

Between written report and oral support, the students showed their analytical skills and were able to propose innovative solutions to provide answers for improving processes in connected companies. This case study was therefore a great opportunity for Kedge Business School Students to learn about key factors of success in the connected world, and to identify opportunities in the IOT market. Globally, by 2025, the economic benefits of the IOT market would be close to $11.1 trillion per year, according to a June 2015 McKinsey study.

Bordeaux and IoT: a winning bet for the future

On Wednesday, July 4th, no less than 55 start-ups belonging to bordeaux’s Technowest network gathered at an event aimed at business creators: Tech’ Day. The Bordeaux technopole has also announced a partnership with Sigfox to contribute more strongly to the training part. This Toulouse-based company, which is considered to be the forerunner of the low-speed network for the Internet of Things, plans to set up shop in Darwin. Today, for companies specialized in this sector, the establishment in Bordeaux becomes indispensable, as Belle Endormie, labelled French Tech in 2014, continues to grow and offer great development opportunities, including the construction of offices. Examples include the Euratlantic district, Brazza or the Basins district in Flot, where large companies like Ubisoft, OVH, Waycom, Betclic.

Back Market, a startup specializing in reconditioned electronics, is also an example. Indeed, the French startup created in 2014 has also chosen to move to Bordeaux, Darwin, to develop its business, with the ambition in the coming months to recruit 30 people, and eventually 50 employees. A springboard for an international conquest targeting the United States, for which Back Market announces a third fundraising of 41 million euros, following the first raising of 300,000 euros in 2015 and 7 million euros for the second, in 2017.

Today, in homes and businesses, connected objects are ubiquitous. Today, they collect data that serves to better understand user behavior, and to propose solutions that can guide the customer in his buying journey in the service of the company. Faced with the American giants that offer innovative solutions, like the Google Home or Fitbit, France is doing well by offering successful connected objects that make life easier for users, businesses and individuals. It is possible to think of Netatmo, or Withings, which guarantee users the safety of both their person and their data, but also the best control of energy in the premises, the comfort of life, health analysis, monitoring of activity and sports performance but also for leisure.



KEDGE / TPC press release of July 5, 2018




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