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Giraudon Consulting is the story of two friends who serve companies and their performance, Fabrice Giraudon and Wilfried Peypoudat. One is an expert in technical and managerial processes, after 15 years in the business service sector, the other has spent 15 years in web development, with technical but also cultural expertise, and has developed a definite attraction for the evolution of the digital world, which has been evolving at a rapid pace in recent years.

Fabrice GIRAUDON has a rather unusual background: after training to drive construction vehicles, as well as in electrical clearance, he trained for a year as a dog handler.

Finally, he joined the SAMSIC group, which offers services to companies where his professional career is established, as a sector manager.


Wilfried PEYPOUDAT specializes in a master’s degree in computer science. Having found his way, he became a Web Expert for DEKRA Automotive Solutions, which offers services around the automobile, in B to B.

Thirty years of common professional philosophy before founding their own company. Their purpose? To be part of a process of supporting companies throughout their development. How? By providing personalized expertise for each client: efficiency, know-how, advice…

Giraudon Consulting is therefore taking several actions to achieve this goal:

The creation and co-development of the various IT solutions for these structures, a quality of management and organisational advice to optimize its operation, and thus accelerate its growth, and finally the establishment of a training center.

The two founders wanted to establish their company in a dynamic environment and ecosystem, which brings innovation. Their choice naturally focused on the Bordelaise Metropole, near Bordeaux Mérignac airport, a breeding ground for companies in strong development, in order to formalize their new tool available to demanding executives…

The CRM GRCSwitch tool, the co-pilot of your business

The creation of GRCSwitch is a revolution. It is an IT solution for business development and monitoring, which its founders want to perform, innovative, ergonomic, but also facilitate for its users. Optimal management comfort, allowing RCMPSwitch customers to refocus their field of activity.

GRCSwitch can be used on both a computer and a mobile device to keep your business running anywhere, all the time.

This tool optimizes data management, to “drive” performance indicators, task management, project progress, geolocation of prospects and customers… In addition, this tool allows a global view of indicators in real time, but also more accurate indicators to focus on important elements. No need to cross dozens of tables, with one click everything is available. It is an effective solution that also aims to severely limit customer management “on paper” by computerizing all data about them live, by creating lead files, managing priorities, but also alerts so as not to miss the slightest event.

This tool is aimed at businesses, and comes in three different offers depending on the size of the company and the needs, for server fees starting at 19.90 euros per month per user, without commitment.


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Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business


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