Reconciling territories through the digitalisation of SMEs

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The digitalization of SMEs is essential in this period of pandemic and containment on the national territory. Indeed, the use of telework implies an adaptation of all the players in the economic fabric. An adjustment that many companies had not yet begun. On October 2, 2020, France Num Day was held, a special day dedicated to French SMEs, for whom containment has had an unprecedented impact. According to Alain GRISET, Minister for SMEs, the current period is a Momentum. That is, a unique moment that allows companies to push to digitalization. An indispensable solution to improve the situation and the health of their business.

The digitalisation of SMEs, more than a question of survival, a necessary passage

Since the beginning of the year, France and the world more broadly have been facing a pandemic that continues. COVID-19 shut down the country for the first time in March 2020, impacting the activity of many companies. Some, far from digital, have had difficulty adapting during confinement. And yet, according to Alain GRISET, digitalisation can survive, but also to continue to improve its turnover. Some SMEs do not turn to these tools because they feel they do not need them. Thus, France is lagging behind other countries that use digital more widely in their professional activity. Only 6% of France’s GDP comes from digital, compared to 8% in the United States, 9.2% in China, 10% in the United Kingdom and 10.1% in South Korea.

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Digital technology allows the reconnectation of territories and SMEs.

Technological tools adapt to all situations and constantly evolve, allowing you to bounce back all the time. For companies, beyond changing their vision of digital, it is a question of adapting to technology,but also of better understanding and targeting the needs of the consumer. Today, more than 84% of French people use the internet daily, and this figure is expected to increase with successive confinements. Alain GRISET’s ambition is to help 1 million companies cross the digital market by 2021. For this, it relies on support, advice and support, especially in the appropriation of tools. A boost to the digitalization of SMEs, with the presence of the state for a successful and serene transition.

The France Relance plan, serving French SMEs

In order to accelerate the digital transition of SMEs, Alain GRISET wants to be as close as possible to SMEs in all territories. It aims to demonstrate to each company, to each executive the usefulness of digital for its activity. He believes that all companies are involved, starting with all the administrative procedures. Organizations such as the USSRAF have adopted this digitalization, proposing approaches totally dematerialized. Red tape is a “common core” for all businesses, and the use of digital is a solution. It saves a lot of time, helping entrepreneurs to focus on their business and devote all their energy to it. A solution that offers a saving of time, but also energy, to refocus on the essentials.

The Digitalisation of SMEs, a necessary passage to reconnect the territories.

The digitalisation of SMEs is thus positioned as one of the major parts of the France Relance plan. It supports businesses in this pandemic period to move towards 2021, and more broadly 2030. Today, digital and digital tools are central to economic life. E-commerce allows local retailers to continue to sell their products, digital connects the territories to each other. For Alain GRISET, the country’s recovery is taking place at all levels. The most ambitious, the relocation of companies to the territories. This takes time, and is not done in all territories in a homogeneous way. On the other hand, SMEs are among the players in all regions, all departments. The opening to digitalisation would thus, according to Alain GRISET, connect all territories and place them on an equal footing.


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