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SEO is an essential ally to help a company gain visibility on the internet. It comes in many ways, and gives a real boost to brands, thanks in particular to the work of content. While some expand over time, others are faster, or work differently. It depends on several criteria, but also on the goals of the brand. SEA, SEO, SMO… So many unknown or little-known acronyms for neophytes.

SEO, SEA, the keyword at the heart of the SEO strategy

To support companies in their digital evolution, SEO is an essential ally not to be overlooked. Indeed, it allows to gain visibility on search engines through precise writing work. The first type of SEO is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as natural referencing. Thanks to quality content, the brand goes back into search results, and gains visibility. Indeed, the more the site is highlighted, by being in the first results, the more conversions it will record. To support companies in this natural referencing work, agencies like SKA are involved in optimizing content. On this site,companies find many referencing services that can have a positive impact on reputation and benefit from professional and personalized support.

Natural referencing requires time and rigor to function. For many companies, SEO needs to deliver results quickly to meet conversion issues and objectives. Thus, paid referencing (SEA) is another way to gain visibility. Through paid acquisition via Google Ads, or ads via social networks (Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads) companies can improve their revenue. This is done for a sum incorporated into the chosen tool, based on criteria such as geographic area, keywords and type of audience. This allows to highlight the website on search engines temporarily, and thus to gain visibility. However, this does not exempt the company from carrying out its SEO beforehand. Indeed, the more the site is worked, the cheaper it will be.

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SEO allows a website and a brand to gain visibility.

Expanding on social networks through the SMO

In addition to visibility via its website, a company can also rely on social networks to expand its community. Today, in France, 77% of companies are present on social networks. They use the majority of Facebook (91%), Twitter (83%), Linkedin (77%), YouTube (65%) and Instagram (55%). Social networks are therefore present in the strategy of companies, but underexploited. Companies want results, new prospects, and try through social networks to attract a new community. However, none of the seED strategies are self-sufficient. It is necessary to adopt a cross-channel strategy to get results.

Companies that want to work on their online referencing therefore have a wide range of opportunities to grow. Their ultimate goal, conversion, requires important work, and constant monitoring to remain competitive. Indeed, digital is a universe that is constantly evolving, and that requires constant improvement. Competition and changing consumer behaviour are all factors that impact the company’s visibility.


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