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Rescoll, thermoelectric paints for a more sustainable future

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Rescoll, an industrial research company specializing in technological research, is teaming up with Cidete and Panco to address an energy problem. Indeed, the Energy Dependence of the European Union is not sustainable because of resource depletion and pollution. The consortium combines its expertise to create an energy innovation based on the conversion of heat into electricity. As a result, more and more companies are putting their know-how at the service of energy innovation in order to respond to environmental issues.

Rescoll, a player in innovative solutions

A private technology service company, Rescoll has been training and supporting its customers for more than 15 years. The company thus oversees many sectors of activity such as Energy, Transport, Medical … Its activity focuses on industrial research and the implementation of tests on so-called polymer materials. In other words, these are materials such as paint, wood, resin, adhesive and natural textiles. Thus, Rescoll’s role is tosupport the innovative projects of its clients, regardless of the level of maturity of the project. Rescoll thus has the skills to produce from start to finish the innovative products of its customers. This goes from prototyping to the finished product. Present in Pessac and Rochefort,the company has more than 7000m2 of laboratory space to carry out the various research and tests.

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Innovative projects for the energy transition.

Based on the observation that the energy used for heating and cooling is directly derived from fossil combustion,research on the exploitation of solar energy is pouring in. Rescoll has teamed up with the Spanish company Cidete and the German company Panco to address this problem. Indeed, solar energy is a promising solution,but it nevertheless has flaws. The installation of solar panels is useful, but the climatic conditions must be optimal.

The combination of Rescoll, Cidete and Panco allows the development of thermoelectric paints. The aim is to convert thermal energy into electrical energy. This allows the recovery of the waste heat not exploited on this day. This project is applying new ways of using technology, using fine thermoelectric modules. This allows for a large number of opportunities in terms of innovations. The thermoelectric modules can be inserted into walls, tiles, tiles. This project, supported by the European Union,is part of the Horizon 2020 programme.

Innovations for the planet, impactful advances

Resource depletion is a topic at the heart of economic and societal discussions. For example, states are putting in place policies to stop countries’ dependence on fossil fuels. This dependence leads to significant greenhouse gas emissions with irreversible consequences on the planet.

The health crisis has led to a drop in emissions in 2020. Nevertheless, it still ranks in the top 3 of the hottest years on record. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), global warming is now at 1.2 degrees Celsius. This leads to extreme weather events in many parts of the world.

This climate emergency therefore forces states to value scientific and technological initiatives in favour of the climate. For example, the European Union has set up the Horizon 2020 programme to encourage large-scale energy transition. This programme aims to fund research and innovation in the European Union. It is based on three priorities: social challenges, scientific excellence and industrial primacy. Like Rescoll, many companies use their skills to address these issues in New Aquitaine.

Supported by the Recovery Plan, companies are moving towards sustainable energy solutions for their customers. One example is Isoweck, a company specializing in the insulation of houses and buildings. For example, it offers sustainable insulation solutions in bio-based cotton. This saves energy both by avoiding overheating but also saves money.

New Aquitaine has a population of more than 5.8 million and an area of 84,100 square feet. It thus wishes to be a major player in the ecological and energy transition. That is why it is committed to meeting the challenges by mobilizing its policies for a more sustainable future. The means deployed to move towards an energy transition in the New Aquitaine region is thus no longer to be proven.


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