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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On September 21, Bordeaux Business attended the IDRAC and Sup de Com Bordeaux Recruitment Forum.

As a reminder, By joining the collective HEP Education (Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism), the IDRAC and Sup de Com schools of the C and D group (Skills and Development) defend a vision of education that must be of quality and aimed at training accomplished, assertive and invested professionals. A differentiating posture that can be found from the outset in the selection mode of candidates, valuing excellence rather than elitism, as well as the support of companies [Lire la suite sur l’article original de Bordeaux Business]

During this Recruitment Forum, we were able to meet students prepared and involved, ready to seduce their future recruiters. An afternoon full of interviews, where the good mood did not mask the seriousness and stakes for these students who came to win their professionalization contract.

Beautiful companies were present, among them, we can mention Real Estate South Atlantic, Atypicom, Le Web Français, Solylend, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, FIMCO, FCL Graphic, AutoWebbb DigitCar, Lectra, Auxilis, BNP Paribas, LEXAN, Alma or ALS commerce and marketing…

Companies for some come to discover the IDRAC and Sup de Com, and others with already a professional project to offer to students, whether in internship or professionalization contract.

Aware of the stakes for companies, the staff who supervise and responsible for training, including Ornella Marchive and Madison Dumas, respectively Head of Business Relations for IDRAC and Head of Business Relations for Sup de Com, and focused on accurately qualifying the company’s offers upstream and adjusting the students most likely to be in line with the required skills.

In the end, with some twenty companies present, more than 35 offers of positions and internships to be filled, which materialized following second interviews. As Ornella Marchive reminds us, “There have been real “favourites” between students and recruiters, beautiful stories are created as a result of these meetings…”

Indeed, during the “school” recruitment forums, beyond the pursuit of higher education, the stakes for students are a real springboard to the professional world.

“It is by multiplying the meetings that we multiply our chances of finding a job, an employer, a professional and professional career. Students have understood today that this is not a contract they should look for, but a position with missions that they like, a universe that motivates them.”


At the heart of the IDRAC and Sup de com values, we find this positioning as a springboard to the professional world, aligning the values of the candidate and the company. In this sense, on November 16th, the full Bordeaux Campus is organising the “HEP ON BOARDING”,an event relayed nationally in all the “HEP” camps in France.

The aim is to accompany students throughout the day with workshops on the themes of Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism. A first edition that aims to develop a “spirit of cohesion, fraternity, mutual aid”.



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