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Code revisions, a chance for online courses in these troubled times. Code is often a laborious task, which goes to the fore. However, this is surely one of the most productive tasks that young adults and laggards can perform. The days of classes or work are different, adaptable, leaving free time for many, with a saving on travel time for example. An opportunity for online courses.

Onlineplatforms and traffic code

The code is a first step towards a much more interesting goal for the French. The driver’s license. Symbol of independence, a necessity for many in the search for a job. The opportunity for the youngest to emancipate themselves and to know the first investments with the purchase of a car, the taking of insurance and all the administrative procedures that revolve around it. But before all this, you already have to get your code. A first step in the driver’s license package. A package that can be very expensive.

Over the years, alternative solutions have developed. Offers are multiplying allowing to adapt even to the smallest budgets. Free candidate sessions that save a lot of money, thanks to the many online solutions that can appear over the years. YouTube has become an abundant source for all types of content nowadays, and therefore for code revisions.

At this time, cancellations are pouring in for code and driver’s license processing sessions. The traditional model finds itself in difficulty and allows emerging companies in this field to stand out, to allow the French to continue their approach in obtaining their code. This is the case for example for the“In Car Simone”school, located in Pessac. It has been offering online training since 15 March to encourage containment without penalising learners. This was confirmed by its founder, Edouard Rudolf, explaining that the 18- to 25-year-old category took advantage of this period to revise this review of the code, allowing entry to the competition as soon as the containment was over.

Digitalisation of the road code, factor of opportunity

One of the players in these emerging companies is LePermisLibre. Of course, following the containment. All driving lessons, practical and theoretical exams are cancelled. However, thanks to its digitalization, Le Permis Libre is committed to making all of its training content available on the YouTube platform. The service is also digitalized, thanks to possible exchanges via chat, email, but also through social networks. Due to the spread of coronavirus, all current driving lessons, theoretical and practical examinations are cancelled. This content will also be scalable with new content that should appear as the days go by. New courses, but also live videos accessible directly from the candidate space of Lepermislibre.

But Lepermislibre is not at his best. The car school is the first online school to have received the necessary accreditation (December 2014), which allows it to be active in 200 cities, to have 650 appointment points, more than 130,000 registered candidates with a team of 21 employees. A development that allows it to meet the expectations of their candidates, at this delicate time. Candidates are not the only ones impacted, with this online format, independent monitors are also affected in their activity.

This format also allows them to be able to reassure them, and ensure the regulations of the hours due to teachers in order to support their activity. This delicate period will force all auto-schools to find new solutions. Businesses will have to turn to different accesses to traditional channels, which have been swept away by this health crisis. A historic profession that will continue to have its place, driving training being an important factor to integrate into society.

Developing auto-schools 2.0, the winning bet

Many auto-schools, all over France, have been at a standstill for almost a month. Forced to put their employees out of work, auto-schools are unable to physically train future drivers. In fact, almost all of their activity is trained by candidates during code sessions or driving sessions. Online code sessions allow young people to continue their training from home.

In addition, they allow the now-deced auto-schools to ensure that almost all of these young people left earlier, before the start of confinement, are found. By offering them a digital solution at the moment, auto-schools can therefore hope to survive this period of near non-activity, with the prospect of future cash flow. A bet also launched by En Voiture Simone, to encourage to continue learning by remaining confined. The company has adapted to meet the needs of the candidates and the constraints posed by COVID-19.

This crisis they are facing today could then be seen as an opportunity. Indeed, the auto-school market has seen new players – online code session platforms – come into play in recent years such as Ornikar. Meeting a great success, the “traditional” auto-schools could thus slide gently towards a digitalization of their proposed formulas, not only in times of crisis like this, but throughout the year! Murdered, auto-schools are part of these business activities that must see the future with a visionary approach by applying Digital to their business. Crises allow, after the fact, to visualize the mistakes of the past and thus to anticipate them.

A crisis that is changing in the auto-school environment

Every crisis, be it ecological, social, economic or political, brings out opportunities. It is therefore up to each player concerned to seize this opportunity. In this case, it is up to the auto-schools to recognize the importance of digitalising their services. This is to ensure the long-term survival of the profession, even in times of crisis as it is now.


News Release: Lepermislibre – LPLINFOSCOVID – 19 MARCH 2020

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