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CSR: Yoga to boost telecommuting productivity

Yoga is at the service of CSR policy thanks to actors like OLY Be. Indeed, since 30 October, companies have been encouraged to generalize telework for their employees. Today, for this second containment companies are preparing with a better step. They respond to CSR issues to ensure the well-being of their employees. For this reason distance is no longer a hindrance, but an obstacle that can be overcome through innovative solutions.

Keeping a CSR policy at a distance for the well-being of its employees

As a result of the widespread use of telework, it can be difficult for companies to maintain the CSR policy actions that were being put in place. However, the CSR concept is a key tool in a company’s strategy. Indeed, by integrating social and environmental concerns into the company’s activity, the company responds to a quest for meaning and the well-being of its employees. In other words, the aim of implementing this concept is to enhance a bond of trust. It also values dialogue with its employees.

Moreover, by creating a healthy and positivity-oriented work environment, this aims to strengthen the overall performance of the company and its employees. Thus, it is important to keep these CSR values, especially when the period requires a generalization of telework. Indeed, telework has for some advantages, such as more flexibility and freedom. But for others, it can be a real source of stress and isolation, difficult to overcome. It is in this sense that OLY Be’s solution comes into play.

OLY Be was founded by Gaelle Frizon de Lamotte in 2015. Originally the main activity of the application was the creation of sports courses. Every month, she offered classes in atypical places with certified teachers. Thus, OLY’s mission is to promote the practice of sport while meeting current needs. Indeed, the practice of sport must become flexible, close to home and at affordable rates. With the impact of COVID-19, the start-up intends to re-invent itself around a new offer of online courses for companies that implement a CSR policy in telework.

women's yoga mat
OLY Be at the service of employee well-being. Photograph: OLY Be

OLY Be, a factor of well-being

Thus, in order to respond to the new problem of telework, OLY Be wants employees to be able to live as normally as possible this new transition. It now offers online courses in Yoga, fitness, pilates and sophrology to French employees. Indeed, the start-up wants them to be able to continue to play sports in the context of the generalization of telework. It also wants to offer companies the opportunity to ensure the well-being of their employees as part of their CSR policy. To match each, OLY Be’s offer includes à la carte programs. Each employee can, depending on his needs, participate in the courses of his choice. In particular, they can attend classes to improve the posture of their backs in telework. But also to workshops to reduce stress or nutrition to eat better at home.

OLY Be’s solution is a great success with companies that want to enhance their CSR policy. Indeed, we notice that large groups are already using online yoga classes as a CSR action. These groups include Twitter, Oui SNCF, Deloitte, Moet and Chandon, Disney and Eurosport. Present in the major cities of the territory, the start-up is also located in Bordeaux. It offers courses either at home, or next to you bookable from the app. Users only have to come and participate in accordance with the instructions given in the description of each event. Depending on the health situation, the courses also adapt in video so that each participant can benefit safely.

With the generalization of telework, new players stand out to meet the challenges imposed by distance. Thus, thanks to innovative solutions such as that of OLY Be, companies are able to put in place the necessary actions to maintain performance. Thus, well-being is at hand and this even outside the framework of the company to maintain the productivity of employees. It may well be that, given the success, companies continue to encourage this new kind of action in the long term, beyond containment, as part of their CSR policy. Indeed, we realize that these actions can easily digitize and adapt to each profile.


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