Running with a smile in Bordeaux

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In recent years, many events have taken place in Bordeaux, which combine sport, including running, and fun. Several names we often hear, such as the Color Me Rad, Color Obstacle Rush, the Fluo Race, Adren Addict, SoMad, or theElectro Dash to name the main ones. Another of these races, the Burdi’Color, took place in Bordeaux on May 6th and gathered more than 3,500 people in the heart of Bordeaux, with, like the other races, a strong human message: to fight against sedentary lifestyles.

These are races that allow you to run with colour, run at night with neon accessories, run an obstacle course, or open-air festivals where you can run with DJs all the way… You don’t have to train to take part in these races of a new kind, like the experienced runners who take part in marathons and semis organized every year.

Today all these races have a more friendly vocation, to share with friends or family, to have a good time and have fun above all. This is a phenomenon that is really growing, because over the various editions, cities have found that more and more people are taking part in these races. The cities of France, of which Bordeaux is a part, are seeking to revitalize sport and push the inhabitants to have a healthier way of life: construction of new sports infrastructures (stadiums, swimming pools, gyms…), campaigns to eat healthier… there is a desire to reconcile people and sport. The creation of such races in cities allows to encourage people who would not have wanted to run “to run” to participate, to have fun and not to see it as a “sporting event”. Indeed, the Color Me Rad, for example, is a 5km race. Like other events, it is neither timed nor classified.

Thus, the message is no longer to surpass others, nor to go to its limits, but to have fun, at its own pace. And this concept appeals. In France, in 2015, this race attracted no less than 90,000 people, and in 2016 there were more than 100,000.

It is also possible to see that people who do not live in Bordeaux also participate in the race, as it is only possible in some major cities in France. An opportunity to discover the heritage, the races taking place outdoors, and thus to revive a little tourism. In addition, a portion of the prize for each race is donated to charities such as UNICEF, to do a good deed by spending time.

Audrey Kozaczka – Bordeaux Business


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