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Health is an integral part of the concerns of the French on a daily basis. First, they wantto control their diet to consume unprocessed products. Then they wantto turn to cosmetics with a more careful and responsible composition. Ou again, they want to track sleep or their activity. This are trends that are growing over the years. As a result of these new needs expressed by the population, companies around the world have been addressing the issue of. So they want to to offer products that meet everyone’s expectations. French companies have been able to make their way into the market, and today their know-how is renowned.

Health is a real business issue

While the CES in Las Vegas has just taken place, the whole world has been able to discover the creations of today and tomorrow. In recent years, world-leading companies have been introducing their new innovations. They are increasingly focused on health or well-being. Connected health has also had a place of choice for the 2019 edition. We note companies such as Netatmo, which specializes in the design of products for safety and well-being at home (connected lamps, intelligent monitoring systems, connected air quality management, etc.). There is a growing trend on the part of consumers for connected products or solutions that improve health and comfort. For example, French companies have sought to meet the needs expressed to provide a sustainable solution.

Banner made in France Bordeaux Business

A true guarantee of quality, the label “Made in France” reassures, because of its symbol. French-style know-how is particularly well-known. This is particularly thecase cosmetics, care and everything related to well-being. An investment that is more profitable, and that works. Consumers are very sensitive about the origin of their products. According to a 2013 study by Opinea (1), 82% of respondents are sensitive to the origin of the products they buy. In fact, 80% of those surveyed said they were willing to pay a little more to buy a French-labelled product. This affection and trust in French Manufacturing, especially for consumer products such as food or cosmetics, have a direct influence on health, and on the environment.

New Aquitaine, land of know-how

In New Aquitaine, health is at the heart of corporateconcerns. They seek to develop new solutions to meet the needs of consumers. When summer arrives, or after the holidays, many people are looking to lose weight, play sports or find a second youth. Slimming diets launched around the world, as well as wellness center franchises, are multiplying.

However, in New Aquitaine, a company called Smart Food offers health programs (2). They based on the habits and needs of each individual. Located in Poitiers, the company offers a wide range of products. Theseare the last allow for each person who is on a program to be able to consume healthy and suitable for health. Complete meals based on the nutritional needs of each client, for his well-being, the formula seduces. Interest in organic food and the emergence of specialized organic producersTo grow up. Thus, the market is more than interesting for French producers.

Bordeaux Business Pine Forest

Land, the main asset of the New Aquitaine region

The New Aquitaine region is known for its geography. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and the pine forest of the Landes de Biscay, it has a significant asset for the development of new healthy products.

Indeed, the bark of the maritime pines of the Landes de Biscay has virtues greatly improving blood circulation, thus giving Pycnogenol, a 100% neo-Aquitaine product. This patented active ingredient allows people who consume it to maintain the elasticity of their skin, avoid the oxidative stress that causes many chronic diseases, or protects against all cardiovascular problems.

The design of Pycnogenol is so far unique, thanks to the bark extract of the maritime pines of the Landes of Biscay that can only be found in New Aquitaine (3). This product is particularly popular abroad, especially by Asians and Americans who are most fond of it. The reputation of French know-how goes beyond its borders and improves the health and daily life of all. Today, Pycnogenol is gradually entering the composition of dietary supplements because of its many health benefits – benefits that are highly appreciated by consumers sensitive to the composition of the products they buy.

Focused on more responsible products with a clean and environmentally friendly composition, consumers want to buy products that will not endanger their health. Sensitive to the provenance of the products they buy, the vast majority prefer to pay a little more in order to be sure to consume products made in France because of the proximity and quality know-how. New needs mean that consumers pay more attention to their health. They try to focus on environmentally friendly solutions.

The sea also serves health in New Aquitaine

Contributing to the development of the health sector while valuing natural resources is possible in New Aquitaine. This is in particular the mission that the Biarritz Laboratories (4) has embarked on. Indeed, they offer cosmetic products made from natural ingredients of the region and especially from the sea. It also responds to the growing demand for natural and organic health products. Indeed, the main ingredients that go into the composition of the products are algae. In its research and development department, for example, it develops unique products from the region’s natural resources. Today, the brand has several patents and is also recommended and recognized by many health professionals (dermatologist, pediatrician, gynecologist, cosmetic surgeon, midwives…). This is a great opportunity to shine the region and its wealth in the health sector and its industry. Especially since the brand is now aiming for international ambitions.



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