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Training in entrepreneurship to start your own business is not a simple thing when you do it alone. Indeed, being well surrounded allows to succeed serenely its evolution towards a permanent entrepreneur status. Currently, Coronavirus containment seems to be a major barrier to creativity and development. However, thanks to the presence of Digital in the majority of households, this brake is rather a formidable business accelerator.

A period of entrepreneurial opportunity

The current period largely paralyzes the country. To protect the population, the government ordered the closure of all non-essential settlements. This leads to an increase in applications for partial unemployment in several sectors of activity. This situation seems to be wobbly and precarious for companies. For more than a month now, the population, confined to their homes, can only go out for a few specific reasons. While this situation appears to be particularly uncertain for many French people, it must be acknowledged that this can be positive. Indeed, by being at home, taking the time to develop projects that have been delayed for too long is possible. Thanks to Digital, which is now an integral part of life, it is easy to access the information you want. This period also allows you to ask the right questions about your career plan.

Am I made for this path? Do I want to discover something else, or start my own project? These questions arise for all entrepreneurs who want change. This period can be the starting point for a new period. A springboard for achieving its goals. Taking the time to ask the right questions is necessary to prepare for this change. The first thing that matters is to take stock of his situation. Know which path to take, evaluate your knowledge, essential information to define the stages of its evolution. If trade shows are currently postponed or cancelled, you are not alone. There are practical and effective solutions, allowing you to develop your project with serenity. Because starting your business involves skills, responsibilities that are not invented.

Neodigme’s support for entrepreneurship

In times of containment, turning to new projects and horizons seems like an excellent opportunity. Indeed, it is time to refocus on one’s own aspirations, goals and embark on something new. In this turn sometimes at 180 degrees, it is essential to have an accompaniment to start. Entrepreneurship attracts and is highlighted at numerous trade shows and meetings, especially in Bordeaux. At this time, starting to prepare your business also seems timely, because by being an entrepreneur, everything can start from home. This is what Yannick NTAMBWE, the founder of NEODIGME, defends. Having experienced entrepreneurship himself from an early age, he knows the benefits of this profession. The management of his time, the absence of hierarchy, the ability to follow his objectives are elements that animate a majority of entrepreneurs.

Yannick NTAMBWE, Founder of NEODIGME

However, he does not forget the questions and obstacles they may also encounter, especially in their early days. By becoming an entrepreneur, you have to take charge of an entire organization. For example, you need to be able to manage specific areas, such as accounting, strategy, communication or legal. To enable these young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, he created Neodigme. It is a real toolbox to accompany the entrepreneur in his adventure. Becoming an entrepreneur is learning.

That’s why it offers its members 12-course training to learn the adages of entrepreneurship. It is also available for personalised accompaniment. A valuable help to move serenely in the right direction. This allows all questions to be answered, and a step-by-step approach to a viable and stable model. Indeed, few people want to take the plunge and do what they really want.

Accompanying entrepreneurship with comprehensive tools

In addition to the training offered on its platform, Neodigme offers its members the purchase of an entrepreneur pack. Composed of 13 tools, it can meet all the needs of a business launch. In particular, they allow to create a complete business plan, to make professional PowerPoint presentations with 10 models proposed. There are also financial management tools, an important part of the business. The advantage of these tools is that they are already prepared and compliant with the elements necessary for starting a business. For the contractor, simply fill out the boxes to have a complete and compliant document.

This saves a significant amount of time and allows you to launch your business in just a few days. Neodigme’s solution applies to young entrepreneurs who want to start their first business as well as to more experienced entrepreneurs. This is to encourage you to get started, but also to continue the development of your business. Indeed, there are always new products to develop, new markets to conquer.

The dynamism of a region like Bordeaux is prompting many entrepreneurs to get started. Advice and support from local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are essential. They allow the entrepreneur to give indicators on the state of the market, and to show whether the market is interesting or not. The development of his business takes time, which is why the start-up must be well done. For this reason, Neodigme is reaching out to entrepreneurs who want to take action during the current crisis. Yannick applies an exceptional anti-crisis rate for its training program, and access to tools, to encourage entrepreneurship. A way to show them that they are not alone, and that it is more than ever time to take action…

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