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Sacred French Tech Capital in 2019, Bordeaux is getting a makeover in terms of digital and marketing know-how. This labeling implies a recognition of expertise in this area. With the creation of 15 French Tech Pass, it is the creation of a true digital business ecosystem that Bordeaux acquires. Proof of this attractiveness, the third edition of SeoByNight took place in Bordeaux on June 6th. The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to natural referencing, this event is aimed at all digital business enthusiasts. Natural referencing is about improving the digital position of its brand on the web so that it appears more optimally in search engine results. In the current context of Google’s supremacy as a search engine, it seems vital for companies in the Bordeaux metropolis to know the fundamentals and prerequisites for integrating natural referencing into their digital strategy.



The challenges of natural referencing for companies in the Bordeaux region


At a time when Google has a quasi-monopoly in the search engine market it is necessary to understand the ins and outs of this digital ally for companies. To the extent that Google bases its business strategy on Google AdWords, it is important to distinguish between natural and paid referencing. Indeed working on algorithms in order to win his business visibility differs from the use of a paid advertising tool such as Google AdWords. Yet communicators, project owners, e-retailers… all have an interest in adopting winning digital strategies regardless of their level of expertise in this area.


Indeed, perpetuating one’s position on the web is not an easy task. Among the fundamentals to remember is that of setting up your website by adapting it to Google’s referencing criteria. For example, organizations should pay attention to Google’s “Page Rank” rating. Natural referencing for it to be optimal must therefore be technically adapted. But it is not enough, it must also be enough from the point of view of content and links. Thus, during the third edition of SeoByNight, siloing and internal mesh techniques were discussed, in particular that of semantic cocoon. Proof of the interest of SEO experts for website optimization and the resources available to companies. SeobyNight 3 also highlighted the functionality of Facebook Ads and its economic and communication potential for businesses. The development of Facebook Ads corresponds to the current trend of media buying that makes the media a real advertising intermediary. Indeed, media buying offers many targeting options to companies looking for visibility. This tool is aimed at companies that already operate with SEO traffic and who have, preferably, webmaster expertise.



SEO: Bordeaux and French expertise


The local and even national challenge of the third edition of SeoByNight was to reflect on increasing the visibility of organisations on digital media, while proposing relevant alternatives. Thus, the three organizers of this BtoB event, namely Loïc Richard, CEO house-energy, Elliott Bobiet, co-founder of and finally Jullian Lhoumeau, ceo of The Woodstock, have for this edition select themes focused on GAFA but not only. It is indeed appropriate for companies and SEO experts to find niches in an increasingly embedded referencing context. This is the key word of a Bordeaux digital agency located in Lormont, The Woodstock, specialized in digital acquisition. By conducting an SEO audit and focusing on the user experience, such agencies offer solutions to companies to increase their digital strike force. Among these outsiders in search of innovative solutions is a French search engine Qwant that has been talking about it ever since its launch in 2013. Its founder Eric Leandri aims to compete with GAFA by capitalizing on a simple idea: Qwant respects your privacy and does not store user data. But even more, for companies the visibility is elsewhere on Qwant. Unlike Google, the social flow on Qwant can be a good way to gain visibility as long as you make sure you are visible on the stream consistently, by being very active on social networks for example. Regarding the web feed, the two search engines also stand out, not showing the same results. For Qwant, the selection is thinner and the flow limited. Qwant also proposes, for this purpose, a solution adapted to social networks under the name of “social Qwant”.


At a time when in 2016, a CSA study revealed that users are affected by a digital experience degraded by too many advertisements, to the point that 24% of them have ad-blocking devices, the challenge for companies is to reconnect with digital confidence. For a less intrusive and qualitative digital strategy.


Justine Angibaud – BORDEAUX Business



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