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Encourage companies to recentralize their services in France. This is the ambition of the Service France Garanti, a certification launched by the Pro France Association, and issued by AFNOR. The economies of the countries are refocusing on local consumption, to revive the situation… While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts the functioning of society and businesses. On the customer and consumer side, the value of “Made in France” is growing, and is one of the factors of choice. Thus, the certification aims to provide full transparency on the operation of service companies.

Promote the “Made In France”, the bet of the service France Garanti certification

The Service France Garanti allows to reward companies that employ in France, and promotes their image to consumers. In short, a reward for companies that carry out their services to their customers in France. Certification can only be obtained by meeting certain pre-established criteria. For example, 90% of the workforce in the entire service that provides the service must be under a French employment contract. In addition, 90% of the workforce in direct contact with the client must correspond to an employment contract under French law. These are criteria studied on a case-by-case basis by Bureau Veritas Certification and AFNOR, the two certifying bodies. Once certified, the companies concerned are recognized, for a period of 4 years.

This recognition is renewable beyond the certification period. In addition, each year, the company will be followed by the organizations in charge of this certification. This is to find out if these commitments continue over time. Among the certified companies, Krys, which is the first glass company to receive this certification. For the glass service alone, the company has 879 stores in France, with a turnover of 774 million euros. This is also a certified green electricity supplier in Bordeaux, the green electricity supplier with a customer service in Bordeaux. Created in 2016, it is also part of a social and solidarity economy approach. Thanks to the Service France Garanti certification, these two players, as well as all the other certified players, transmit reliable and sincere information about the origin of their services.

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Service France Garanti certification is issued by AFNOR and Bureau Veritas Certification.

“Produce and serve in France” the consequences of the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the consumer behaviour of many households, and forcing businesses to adapt. One of the main phenomena is the attraction of French consumers to local products, renowned for their quality. Turning to products and services of French origin also helps to support the national economy, affected by successive containments. Many companies are also concerned about the new containment, which is expected to last four weeks until the beginning of December. Thus, by producing products and services made in France, and aimed at the French, companies hope to be able to hold the helm. Certifications act in this tempo as guarantees of quality, recognized by official bodies. It is a value that matters to consumers, in search of know-how and proximity.

The emergence and development of new recognition for companies that contribute to employment and national economic development counts. Many companies are sensitive to this, as are customers. And at a time when the health and commercial situation is changing on a day-to-day basis, the French need benchmarks. Benchmarks that the “Made in France” allows to bring, guarantee of quality, and total transparency.


Press release – Krys Group – KRYS GROUP: First company to receive Service France Garanti certification – 28 October 2020

Press release – Plem Energie – Service France Garanti: Plem Energy, the first company certified, especially for its Bordeaux customer service – 27 October 2020

Origin France Guarantee website

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