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SMA, a new regional directorate in New Aquitaine

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The SMA Group is an insurance group present throughout the country. With more than 3,400 employees, the Group meets all insurance needs. From life insurance to insurance for professional premises to retirement, SMA advises and supports its clients. In an desire to strengthen its presence throughout the territory, the Group has organized itself around 8 regional branches. This makes it possible to strengthen the group’s responsiveness at the regional level. To this end, a new regional directorate in New Aquitaine is present. Bertrand Audemard has been appointed Regional Director to lead SMAvie and SMABTP. With his experience, he manages the commercial networks of the region and the sites of Niort, Bordeaux and Limoges.

SMA, Bertrand Audemard appointed regional director of New Aquitaine

The SMA Group is the Mutual Insurance Company. With more than 200,000 clients such as companies, craftsmen, professionals, individuals and executives, the group is based on several entities. The first is SMABTP, which specializes in professional liability insurance for the construction and real estate trades. SMABTP has been in place since 1859 and offers more than 160 years of expertise to its customers. Then there is SMAvie, which specializes in personal insurance for individuals and businesses. This applies to life, retirement, health, pension and savings insurance. In addition, the Group also owns SMA Brokerage, which aims to distribute IARD solutions to brokers. Finally, SMAvie Brokerage distributes personal insurance to brokers. The SMA Group is also present abroad through 4 subsidiaries. It is present in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Côte d’Ivoire.

Thanks to all these entities, the SMA Group covers all the insurance needs of its clients.

New Aquitaine SMA regional management insurance

To strengthen its presence in France, the SMA Group has evolved its commercial network at the beginning of 2021. There are now 8 regional branches throughout the territory. These regional branches have been designed so that there is a correlation between the organisation of the professional federations of construction and the administrative regions. Thus, it is in this dynamic that the new regional management of New Aquitaine is present. For the occasion, Bertrand Audemard was appointed regional director. Its mission is to manage the SMABTP and SMAvie commercial networks in the region. Indeed, having joined SMABTP in 2013, Bertrand Audemard has acquired the necessary expertise for his current role. Proximity is an essential aspect of the SMA Group, so every customer and member benefits from personalized support.

The relationships built over many years have enabled the Group to obtain a real relationship of trust with all their customers.

New Aquitaine, its support for the construction sector

The construction sector is very developed in the New Aquitaine region. Indeed, the region is under constant construction to be part of the recovery plan and more particularly in the energy component. Thus, the energy transition is one of the essential aspects and results in substantial energy renovations. This is aimed at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants but also in preserving resources.

In the current context of health crisis, the New Aquitaine region is therefore mobilizing for the construction sector. In order for it to continue under good conditions, safety and health rules are paramount. This allowed the employees to continue their activity despite the various containments.

Beyond the New Aquitaine region, the Government has put in place financial resources for the construction sector. Indeed, as part of the Recovery Plan to revive France’s activity, the Government is unlocking more than 6.7 billion euros for the energy renovation of public and private buildings. 460 million euros are for the energy renovation of social buildings and 350 million euros for the recovery of sustainable construction.

In addition to the fact that these financial resources will enable the creation of more sustainable housing and buildings, it also helps to maintain activity for the construction sector. It also creates jobs for the region and keeps New Aquitaine at the top of the country’s attractive regions.


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