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Updated on 23 September 2020

The smart and connected home market is a market of the future, as evidenced by the spectre of players eager to invest in this new buoyant sector. Energy engineers (Engie), manufacturers of equipment and equipment, pure players, digital giants (GAFA) or innovative start-ups, all embark on the adventure of the concept of smart home. Recently, we are noticing accelerations at Google for the implementation of home automation solutions. In addition, a new alliance between the telephone operator Orange and Somfi the dealer of home automation solutions has been signed. With longer lifespans and advances in new technologies, solutions are becoming possible to improve the comfort of life. This could make it easier to stay at home in the long term. Thus, the connected home market is interested in different areas. Among them is the economy,the multi-connectivity market or the field of energy transition.

Discovering the smart home Bordeaux “My connected home”

With this in mind, Bordeaux Business was invited on Thursday, May 23rd to the inauguration of My Connected House, a space dedicated to the housing of tomorrow, in the heart of Bordeaux, 1 rue Tustal, Place Saint-Projet, next to Rue Sainte-Catherine. This initiative is the result of a ten-year partnership between three leading French companies in the smart home sector, Delta Dore, Atlantic and K-line. My Connected Home wants to offer innovative B2B and B2C solutions for the home automation market.

My connected home, a unique and intuitive connected space

With their presence in the West Atlantic, these three French leaders in the home automation sector chose Bordeaux to house this shared place. Bordeaux where the construction economy is booming. The range of solutions offered by the Atlantic, K-line and Delta Dore brands is as much aimed at craftsmen, individuals, promoters for whom this place is intended: heating, lighting, monitoring of energy consumption remotely, rolling shutters, alarm… Thus the combination of the 3 brands makes it possible to offer a complete home automation offer. Indeed, each represents a core business. Delta dore is the leader in home automation, K-line specializes in windows and finally Atlantic intervenes in the implementation of thermal comfort solution. This complementarity seems to be the key to success.

Controlling your home with your fingertips

From an application, the end consumer can perform different scenarios incorporating different functions. Let’s say two: first, heating and lighting adapt to moments of life. Then, integrated locking of doors and windows allows you to be informed of the state of safety of your habitat. The approach is decidedly simple, and easy to use. So from a centralizing application of different features. My Connected Home has also developed partnerships for voice assistant services with Amazon or Google. The aim is to offer a true customer experience, tailor-made. As a result, connected devices adapt to your House (1). They become real objects of interior decoration that can follow all your desires. The showroom is as attractive to the eyes as it is functional. The experience is completely immersive. Particular attention has been paid to the decoration and design to stage the proposed solutions.

The smart home: a concept that has yet to convince

If the home automation market has good selling points especially from the point of view of the energy savings achieved with this type of device. The field of connectivity may seem repulsive in terms of its complexity. Thus, the home automation market carries the following project: no matter the support, it is the function that counts. Multitasking becomes at your fingertips. By uberating cognitive function, the connected and intelligent home sector seeks to adapt to new modes of consumption and life. For example, the generalization of the collaborative economy in our daily lives, as is the case with Airbnb, opens up new perspectives in the way we think about our habitat. How can you receive your guests without being physically present on the premises? Thanks to a connected lock feature that opens the door remotely.

The shadows of home automation

However, smart home products currently account for only 1% of the turnover of the appliance sector(2) and only 7% of households are equipped. While the concept of smart home is very interesting, many obstacles, indeed, persist. First, the offer is only available through trading. My Connected Home does not offer products directly for sale. Cost is also a barrier to purchasing for many consumers. That’s why Delta-Dore, Atlantic and K-line offer the first ranges at attractive prices. It is also important to know that the degree of “intelligence” depends on the budget that can be spent. So you can go from the smart home which includes basic features like heating, security to smart home capable of managing light environments, watering or even rolling shutters.

Points to study

DAnd more, home automation can be time-consuming and difficult, for some it often takes time to reap the benefits of each application. Finally, there are still areas of uncertainty regarding the security issues of connected objects related to the presence of potential hackers but also regarding data protection, a major concern of our time. Data security therefore remains a point to be studied.

New Aquitaine and more specifically Bordeaux Metropole have invested sectors of the future such as the transition and energy renovation of buildings with Ma Renov’ (3), in order to raise public awareness of energy waste. Thus, in 2017, more than 60% of the habitats of the Bordeaux region require energy renovation. Bordeaux metropolis offers aid of up to 6000 euros for households. So it’s interesting to see companies like Delta-Dore, Atlantic and K-Line coming together to offer a connected home in tune with the times. One limitation of the question could be the proliferation of information and interaction features with the environment that can give the general public the impression of habitat gadgetization.

Justine ANGIBAUD – BORDEAUX Business


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