Smartbottle makes wine bottle labels talk

Smartbottle innovates to boost marketing in the wine sector with enhanced labels. Indeed, wine is part of the French cultural and agricultural heritage. In the territory, 1 in 5 farms has a wine business. As a result, there are 85,000 farms across the country. As the world’s 2nd largest producer, 4.2 billion litres of wine were produced in 2019 (1). Through this strong competition, it is important for each producer to be able to stand out. This is the mission of Smartbottle, which offers an innovative tool for the services of winemakers.

Smartbottle or reinventing the communication of the wine sector to stand out

Smartbottle was founded by its two founders, Anthony CHICHEPORTICHE and Pierre JEANNE. Both have different and complementary paths that make Smartbottle’s strength. On the one hand Anthony comes from the world of wine, communication and marketing. On the other hand, Pierre has 25 years of experience. Initially as a consultant and then as director of information systems in large companies like Cultura.

The startup began its development within the Eco-creative Nursery of the Chartrons. Today, Smartbottle is accompanied by UNITEC. It is one of the main support structures for start-ups in the Bordeaux region. The offer makes it possible to transform a wine label into a real tool to help with sales. Thus it received the support of the New Aquitaine Region and BPIFrance (2).

The solution proposed by the startup presents itself as a real opportunity for the players in the sector. Indeed, the sector is very competitive in the territory. In particular, there are more than 250,000 wines for 50,000 properties. In addition, competition is emerging across borders. Despite the worldwide reputation of French wine, it finds itself competing internationally. Indeed, we notice the arrival of Australian wines. In particular, they opt for aggressive marketing in the Chinese market (3). For professionals it is therefore difficult to stand out. It is also difficult to keep customers’ attention in terms of reference numbers. Smartbottle’s goal is to offer new communications solutions.

smartbottle wine bottles
The Smartbottle app offers innovative communication for industry players

Udoes innovative solution to boost communication

To enable professionals to make their products remarkable, Smartbottle uses Augmented Reality. This technology involves recognizing a label and turning it into digital content. The offer starts from 1500 euros in the first year. It gives winemakers and wine houses the opportunity to disseminate the information of their choice. Indeed, this solution can allow all kinds of content to be disseminated. These can be comments, tastings, videos, medals, animations or virtual tours. Thus, the product label comes to life. It offers consumers a unique and fun experience. Indeed, this sales aid tool is also an effective information tool for consumers. Thanks to the application they can benefit from the additional information available to guide their choice.

how smartbottle app works
Installing and running the Smartbottle app – Illustration: Smartbottle

The success of the application is such that the start-up already counts among its customers the largest French marketers. We note castel Frères, Grands Chais de France or Advini. Bordeaux wines have also decided to use the Smartbottle solution. So The Château Pitron or the Château Nerbesson use the solution. Beyond the main players in the sector, the retail sector is interested in the concept. Indeed, Intermarché integrates the contents in Augmented Reality to present the wines of its catalogue of Autumn Wine Fair. Traditional communication is thus closely linked and energized by new digital communication.

Thanks to this innovative solution Smartbottle does not intend to stop in such a good way. It plans to strengthen its team to address the sector’s problems. In addition, it will develop its offer to meet the competition of French wine which is intensifying internationally.


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