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At a time of sustainable development, all social actors are committed to building an increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly society. This is in order to leave future generations with a more equitable, just society and less exposed to the risks of ecological orders. In France, this model is gradually beginning to make its way into the professional circles. Many companies are becoming aware of incorporating processes and techniques into their development models that are more concerned with reducing the planet’s ecological footprint. The consideration of social and environmental issues by French companies, more than just a speech, has become a requirement for all.

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What are the challenges of sustainable development?

Sustainability applied to the corporate world requires a real change in the behaviour of companies towards both society, the environment, and the economy. Indeed, more than just a word, sustainable development requires a real break with old practices. As all sectors of life are interconnected, a paradigm shift at the environmental level will have a direct or indirect effect on the economic system and hence on society as a whole.

Therefore, choosing a more environmentally friendly model will positively influence the living conditions of many French people. This is all the more so since companies occupy an essential place in the French economic and social fabric. According to INSEE, since 2015, there has been some enthusiasm in the creation of companies compared to previous years. In 2016, France has about 4,365,347 companies. Their role in the ecological and social transition is more decisive than in the past. Together with the public authorities, they must work to create the conditions for a more harmonious, equitable and profitable life for all French society. In Bordeaux, companies are turning to more environmentally friendly offices, with greener materials, such as wood, and also solutions to better manage the electricity spent, with the installation of solar panels, windows more present on buildings to allow more light to pass through to limit the use of artificial light, or to naturally heat spaces. With increasing dynamism in recent years, the city of Bordeaux attracts many companies and is a promising terrain for all entrepreneurs who have projects to develop. It is for this reason that builders are building green neighbourhoods, both for businesses and for Bordeaux residents who choose to set up shop there. A “pilot” project for ecological habitable buildings, the Ginko eco-neighbourhood located north of Bordeaux is a lung where eco-friendly buildings are surrounded by greenery. The aim of these projects is also to facilitate travel without using a vehicle, favouring cycling, walking or the extensive public transport network that serves the entire CUB.

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How can French companies act for a greener and fairer society?

For a fairer, greener and fairer society, French companies say they are ready to break with the past. The first reform, and not least, lies in the development of a business model where working conditions lead to better development and the daily well-being of workers. This means putting in place more engaging management policies that promote the real participation of all workers in the decision-making process at different levels of the company. In concrete terms, 74% of French company executives would be willing to integrate more employees into the management bodies.

This model also requires the development of more environmentally conscious and protective activities. By the way, to generate more commitment from employers and managerial bodies, 78% of French business leaders say they are in favour of creating a label to encourage companies that integrate social and ecological issues into their various activities and on their day-to-day operations.

With the entry of the Pact Act, more and more companies are realizing that the requirements related to the protection of the planet are not incompatible with the economic and social balance of the French. Through the transformation and growth of companies, the State has put many companies in front of their responsibilities. Leaders who did not take environmental issues and challenges into account as structuring elements for the development of their activities and the modernization of their procedures and modes of operation.

More aware of their major role in the social, environmental and economic transition, many French leaders are still lagging behind for an effective implementation of these issues. While financial constraints and the disinterest of some managers are the main reasons, a certain category (24%) is not sufficiently aware of these issues and their lack of knowledge of the Covenant Act is not a real benefit.


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