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Like today’s society, sport reinvents itself by thinking business. Indeed, since October 30, we are facing a new period of confinement. We must adapt our daily lives to the restrictions put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. Whether it’s work, leisure or sport. We must find solutions to keep our activities as possible while staying at home.

According to a study by WeWard and Emerton Data, during the first containment from March to May 2020, french physical activity dropped by 70% during the first two weeks (1). However, sport must continue to be part of everyday life especially during this difficult time. Faced with this observation, some propose amazing solutions to motivate people to practice physical activity from home. In particular, there is a correlation between sport and business

A healthy mind in a healthy body even during confinement

Recently, the Prime Minister clarified the details of the measures put in place for containment. Sport is affected by the application of new restrictions. After taking advantage of thesummer to engage in new activities,all sports establishments and sports clubs have once again closed their doors. Thus, as in the first containment, sports practice will only be possible under certain conditions. Physical activity is done alone, outdoors, and close to home. In other words, for the most part, these restrictions are not encouraging to start or continue physical activity.

However, it should not be forgotten that the practice of sport has many benefits. First of all, sport plays an important role on the body. It helps fight cardiovascular disease by improving and regulating the functioning of the heart system. Similarly, it helps fight obesity or overweight, strengthening the bone structure. It is also a way to combat aging. Beyond these benefits, sport also affects mental health. It conveys a general sense of well-being while stimulating brain activity and reducing stress. Therefore, it seems essential not to neglect this vector of benefits in this difficult time. Thus, all kinds of new solutions appear to enhance physical activity especially by combining sport and business in this context (2).

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Today, it is possible to play sports while earning money and benefits

Combining sport and business, a winning duo

Combining sport and business is the initiative of the young start-up WeWard. It offers an application that allows you to earn money while walking. The basic objective of the company was to increase the walking time of the population by monetizing and rewarding the actions of users. With each step, the user earns “Wards” which he can then exchange for euros, products or discounts in partner shops. The objective is ultimately twofold, since it also allows merchants to publicize their establishment, enhance its establishment and increase their turnover. In Bordeaux, users can be rewarded by visiting, for example, emblematic places in the city… Like the Burgundy Gate, the Gallian Palace or the Girondins Monument. It is then a way to encourage people to discover local heritage while valuing it (3).

By combining sport and business, the start-up is now adapting to the issues of containment. It proposes to make money by playing sports in video conferoetime. She takes the side of encouraging her community to continue playing sport on a daily basis even in times of confinement. To do this, she sets up free sports courses orchestrated by professional coaches… Among them, Ilan BOCCARA, Chloé DUMAS or Dan ELBAZ provide these sessions. Users have daily and even several times a day access to yoga, muscle building, cardio and fit boxing classes. As soon as they participate in a course, users receive rewards automatically with the “Wards” system. Today, the WeWard community continues to grow thanks to the attractiveness of its amazing offering. Indeed, several thousand people take advantage of this offer adapted to the situation.

With containment, sedentary behaviours, harmful to a good lifestyle, appear. According to IFOP, during the first containment, the French gained an average of 2.5 kg (5). Thus, the world of sport must reinvent itself to motivate a target that lets itself go by the gloom of current events. All means look good. Whereas before, you had to go to a gym to be able to benefit from professional advice… Now everyone can enjoy it from their living room thanks to livestream.

In addition to being digitalized, sport becomes useful. It allows to gain benefits in society in addition to staying healthy. Combining sport and business has good to motivate the sport. This new trend is reminiscent of the “15 Million Merits” episode of the Netflix Black Mirror series in which characters pedal all day to earn money (4).


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