Connected sport: walking digital with Weward

WeWard aims to encourage walking to combat inactivity but is also a support measure for small local businesses. Thus, connected sport is now an integral part of the habits of the French. Connected objects, applications of all kinds, the growth of this digitalization continues to grow.

WeWard, for physical activity in the service of oneself and traders

“The more you walk, the more money you make,” reads the slogan of the start-up WeWard. The concept of this start-up is to reward the walking time of users of the mobile application. Indeed, they are rewarded with the currency of the application: the “Wards”. This currency can be converted into euros, lots, gift vouchers and even donations for associations. With more than one million users, it has recorded more than 200 billion steps (1). The WeWard app is growing and is experiencing a 20% increase in users and revenue. Thus, in view of this growth, the start-up plans to expand internationally. Belgium is now the first country other than France to benefit from the application.

WeWard smartwatch jogger
A man jogging with a smartwatch to measure his performance.

The WeWard app has a dual purpose: to encourage users to walk but also to support local merchants. Thus, the application highlights the right addresses that users can find in their neighborhood. Indeed, when they walk, they can see several shops on the map of the application. Users are therefore rewarded if they consume in the stores present on the application, as well as the number of steps taken. In the current context of reconfinement,this creates added value for these businesses. For example, small businesses with the ability to click and collect can benefit from the WeWard app.

Connected sports objects, still in full swing

In recent years, connected sport has played a significant role in the physical activity of the French. Thus, it allows to measure its performance, to give goals but also to feel accompanied. Indeed, for joggers and cyclists,this allows to measure distances and their performance. Highly used in the current containment environment, fitness applications are exploding. Thus, a 60% increase in the use of fitness applications was recorded in France (2).

To satisfy sports consumers of connected objects, a large number of products are available to them. Thus, they adapt according to the sport performed and the level. Indeed, there are smartwatches, which can be interesting for cyclists and joggers. Racquet sensors allow tennis players to measure their performance and gauge themselves. Connected machines are also becoming more and more popular. In particular, the containment has encouraged cyclists to invest in connected indoor bikes. It allows you to go great distances without leaving your living room. Thus, the bike connected to the television, broadcasts a road for an almost total immersion. These are all solutions and innovations to counter physical inactivity, containment or bad weather.


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