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In recent years, new players like Startway have been shaking up the world of work. According to INSEE, business creation is on the rise. Since 2020, approximately 815,300 companies have been established. These start-ups are encouraged by a new vision of work, with more flexibility and freedom. In this period of transformation many of them wonder. They seek to combine a satisfactory response to the development of telework and the search for agility. Thus, some workspaces are democratizing, we are talking about coworking spaces.

Increasingly popular spaces

The trend of coworking spaces is quite recent. In France, the first coworking spaces appeared in 2008 with pioneers such as Startway, a coworking network. Their appearances are a response to new psychology in the workplace. Indeed, the new generation seeks newness and freedom in their daily lives in their work. In this sense, the coworking spaces are adapted. They allow self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers or even companies to be able to rent offices freely. The rental is flexible, it can range from a few hours, to a few days or even several months. Shared, with other companies from different sectors, the principles of these spaces remain the pooling of resources, the sharing of experiences and expertise, competitiveness or creativity…

Within these spaces, there is a mix of skills from each sector. This gives everyone an opportunity to grow. In addition, they have significant advantages that attract more and more followers. Companies or employees can easily create a network. They can also reduce their rental costs with all-inclusive packages (wifi, electricity, furniture and equipment). They can then refocus on their craft in places designed to promote performance. In fact, special care is given to design to allow everyone to work in an inspiring and well-being environment, such as startway spaces.

startway coworking design offices
With Startway, coworking becomes a design workspace designed for work – Photographs: Startway

Startway, an answer beyond the city centres

However, often reserved for the city centre, the offer of coworking spaces is rapidly depleting on the outskirts. In order to address this problem, Startway is taking the side of acting with Bordeaux Metropole (1). The history of Startway began in 2008, and from the start it was a pioneer of coworking. Initially, the idea was to allow as many entrepreneurs and/or employees as possible to access accommodation solutions without economic risk. By following the company has developed with the establishment of an ecosystem of partners intended to accompany the growth of its customers. It is in 2016 that the latter becomes a real network of coworking space (2).

So to develop its network it imposes itself a little more on the Bordeaux region. It complements the Bordeaux offer with a third location in Haillan. The choice of location is not insignificant as it reflects the desire to extend the offer on the periphery and to relieve congestion in the city centre. Startway therefore offers a new space of about 1100m2 within the Bordeaux Metropole building. On the design side, furniture and decoration are designed to ensure efficient working conditions, comfortable and favorable to social relations.

Indeed, the aim of this new space is to foster synergies between private and public sector players. This will allow them to interact together. The key word of this initiative is collaboration. Thus, it is the first coworking space within a public building with a private financing model. Residents of the municipalities around Bordeaux such as Blanquefort, Bruges or Eysine will be able to take advantage of the services offered by coworking. In particular, they will have access to private and shared offices, meeting rooms, lounge areas, creative rooms, meetup spaces, professional events or even space for telecommuting and corporate domicile.

With the arrival of new ways of working the demand continues to grow, leaving a bright future for these spaces, which are just waiting to develop throughout the territory. Moreover, there is a good chance with the impact of COVID-19 and the generalization of telework that these spaces will become in the future the ideal solution for entrepreneurs wishing to find a suitable place geared towards development and the sharing of skills.


(1) October 2020 press release – Startway


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